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Best (cheapest) Broadband provider at the moment

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Toula Fri 13-May-22 11:03:35

Apologies if this is already a post ... not sure which forum to ask.

In my mid-70s and having to learn to speak techie!

On basic state pension, and no benefits. (Will be checking benefit forum advice soon.) Trying to cut back on all costs now before winter comes, and would very much appreciate advice on cheapest possible way - mobile/tv/broadband. Most important is mobile, I suppose. Then internet. Then the idiot box.

Many thanks for support with this.

tanith Fri 13-May-22 11:20:44

I’m with BT it’s not cheap but I want reliable broadband I never have a problem connection wise. If you go cheap you will get what you pay for. My daughters been with several cheap companies and has had to switch numerous time because of problems. It may depend on where you live too you might be lucky.

MissAdventure Fri 13-May-22 11:28:44

If you look on the Martin Lewis website, he has up to date info on the current cheapest providers, pros, cons, as well as advice about when to switch to another, if they offer a better deal in the future.

Toula Fri 13-May-22 12:17:22

Sincere thanks. Cost is biggest factor. Will check ML website. On my own and like to be connected to outside world. Looking at various options thinking I should be able to connect mobile to TV screen for Internet info.

MissAdventure Fri 13-May-22 12:22:11

Martin lewis has an 'energy club's thing for gas and electric.
You sign up and then will be notified of any deals that would save you money, with details on how and when to switch.
I presume it is the same for internet now, too.
You specify the amount, such as deals that would save you 15 pounds or 50, and will be let know when they come up.

Shinamae Fri 13-May-22 12:24:52

I am in North Devon and the last few months a new company has started up called Jurassic Fibre, they are absolutely excellent. I was with BT for years because there was no viable alternative and they were very expensive. Jurassic started off at £35 but they have recently dropped that to £17.50 and their customer service is 2nd to none. I think they are giving BT a run for their money in this area anyway and about time too in my opinion. I have my son and his girlfriend living with me and we have got a lot of tech stuff and like I say the service from Jurassic is 2nd to none very happy to recommend it but obviously you have to be in the Southwest..🤓

MissAdventure Fri 13-May-22 12:39:24

We need more threads like this, on all different costs for the essentials, I think.

Franbern Sat 14-May-22 08:25:10

Contact BT about their Essentials package. Designed for those of us on very limited income. Brilliant and cheap

glammanana Sat 14-May-22 09:51:07


Contact BT about their Essentials package. Designed for those of us on very limited income. Brilliant and cheap

For the Essentials Package you have to be on Gauranteed Pension Credit it is £20 per month for Landline/BB/TV such a big saving its not widely advertised you have to ring and ask to be put through to the team.I got my new smartphone on the deal which costs £13 per month with unlimited calls & texts.

Aveline Sat 14-May-22 10:03:55

Try to phone BT if at all possible. Once you've gone through the various filters you do get through to a real person and I've had great service with them. I have landline, broadband and TV with them. I'd have had my mobile with them but couldn't face trying to set up a necessary new router.

BlueBelle Sat 14-May-22 10:08:40

I ve been with EE for years and find them pretty good they are certainly reliable as I ve never had an ounce of trouble with their connection I can’t get my head around all the switching because I feel what you lose on the roundabouts you gain on the swings One deal can seem marvellous one day and then it all changes and goes from good to bad So I m a boring woman who just stays put

muse Sat 14-May-22 10:35:32

BT for us too. I renegotiate with them every year. We have broadband, landline and I've just out my iphone onto the package at a reduced rate of £8.50 per month with almost endless everything. Last year we upgraded the connection (fibre) It meant a new router but they offered to set it up free of charge if needs be.

We're in mid Cornwall and up to last year were still on copper but now fibre has been laid nearby we could access it.
Because BT own Openreach's network to deliver broadband services to its customers, we were offered it. We went from 1.8 to 150Mbps! Plus it seems to help when there are problems on the line.

Granmarderby10 Sat 14-May-22 19:12:49

A timely thread for me
Does any one have any thoughts or experience of Plusnet broadband

Happygirl79 Sat 14-May-22 20:46:26

Like the OP I am without benefits but have the basic state pension. No one will help if you are not getting pension credit unfortunately as far as I am aware

Happysexagenarian Thu 19-May-22 18:13:20

We are with Zen
They may not be the cheapest but we have found them to be the best. We were with them when we lived in London, but when we moved they weren't available in this area so we switched to BT. Loss of service was frequent and the price just kept rising. Eventually Zen became available and we switched back to them - half the price of BT! We have the Ultrafast Fibre Broadband including Landline, on a fixed-for-life price. It's very fast and we've never had any problems at all.

ayse Thu 19-May-22 19:11:08


A timely thread for me
Does any one have any thoughts or experience of Plusnet broadband

I’ve used Plusnet on and off for years. Currently I pay £23 per month including landline but calls cost. They do a SIM as well at very good rates but last time I tried it I had problems connecting to 4G. I found out that my iPhone didn’t accept their settings so gave up. Their customer service is excellent and they usually pick up very quickly, so no problems there. Last time I was going to switch at the end of contract to Vodaphone but Plusnet asked for Vodaphone’s rate and they matched it. They also backdated the price to the beginning of the new contract.

I’m very happy with Plusnet. There are two of us using plus the fire stick. Having seen the issues my two daughters have with Sky and Virgin, I’m glad to be with Plusnet as it rarely drops out.

Currently we pay about £23.00 per month.

Hope that helps

Bridie22 Thu 19-May-22 19:29:38

Plusnet customer of many years , just renewed my contract with them for another 24 months at £18.99 per month, quick customer service and very few issue with the broadband and landline.This for the unlimited broadband .

lemsip Thu 19-May-22 20:36:05

just renewed with Shell Energy Broadband which took over Post Office Broadband.....17.99..

Georgesgran Thu 19-May-22 20:40:19

On Plusnet here. No problems with it, although I only get free landline calls after 7 and at weekends. When I renew I can pay an extra £5 for free anytime calls, which will still be under £30.