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kissngate Sun 15-May-22 13:59:33

I'm interested in buying a crockpot / instant pot or similar. I have read threads on air fryers but don't think we would use the af function much. However I would use a pressure cooker / slow cooker / steamer etc. It doesn't have to be large as I don't have capacity in my freezer to batch cook. Reviews good and bad welcome.

geekesse Sun 15-May-22 14:46:50

Personal view only…

I don’t like slow cookers, even though they are brilliant for saving money and are very convenient. The food always ends up with the same texture - nice but stew-y.

A pressure cooker speeds up, and uses less fuel for, slow tasks - cooking lentils, stewing cheap cuts of meat, making stock, steaming puddings. It can also be used to make stews, curries etc, and for steaming fish. That would be my top pick. My old Prestige semi hi-top pressure cooker helped me feed a family through a period of being very hard up indeed.

A steamer is fabulous for steaming veg and fish. It’s not a lot of use for anything else, and takes up a load of space when not in use. I gave mine away to someone with a bigger kitchen and more storage space.

Mine Sun 15-May-22 15:27:03

Love my slow cooker...Use it a lot but thinking of buying a ninja airfryer are they a good buy..

Teacheranne Sun 15-May-22 16:34:05


Love my slow cooker...Use it a lot but thinking of buying a ninja airfryer are they a good buy..

Between using my Ninja air fryer and my slow cooker, I can’t remember when I last used my oven other than for baking a cake. I’m having filled potato skins tonight, I’ll precook the potatoes in my microwave then scoop out the flesh and mix with cheese, onions and bacon then pop in the air fryer for a few minutes. I’ll roast pieces of red pepper in the fryer at the same time, sprayed with a smidge of oil and seasoning.

Hithere Sun 15-May-22 16:40:12

Instapot ftw

Jaxjacky Sun 15-May-22 16:43:12

Use my slow cooker 2/3 times per week, whole chicken last week one day and gammon joint another, beef and veg curry is in there now.
I’d probably like an air fryer, but not the space they take up, I like tidy surfaces.

dragonfly46 Sun 15-May-22 16:45:06

I love my Ninja but if you are thinking of buying one don't throw your slow cooker away. It is great for everything else though.

merlotgran Sun 15-May-22 16:48:09

I have a 3L King Pro electric pressure cooker and wouldn't be without it. It has programmes for soup/stews, rice, pasta, browning as well as a slow cooker function. You can also buy a steamer basket and trivet as an extra.

The rice cooking programme is excellent for sticky rice and only takes 3 mins. I also make a lot of one pot pasta dishes because it's great to be able to walk off and leave it knowing the meal will be kept warm until you are ready to eat it.

It is definitely my favourite kitchen gadget and 3L is a perfect size for one or two people.

midgey Sun 15-May-22 16:58:12

Teacheranne, you know you can make cakes in the air fryer! I have tried some small cakes on the roast function.

Blossoming Sun 15-May-22 17:44:51

Same here TeacherAnne, ninja and slow cooker.

Blondiescot Sun 15-May-22 17:55:06

I have a Ninja Foodi 9-in-1 and love it - I've used every function on it apart from the yogurt, which I plan to do very soon. It's a very useful piece of kit to have in the kitchen.

Lovetopaint037 Sun 15-May-22 21:09:54


Teacheranne, you know you can make cakes in the air fryer! I have tried some small cakes on the roast function.

Have made scones in my Ninja but used the baking option at about 190. They turned out really well. Just used a normal recipe but shortened the time. Also made some cupcakes using the same option. You can use two drawers using the “match” selection. I also use a slow cooker which is great.Made Christmas puddings without steaming the kitchen out. Also have a rice cooker.

Sago Sun 15-May-22 21:30:08

I love my instant pot 11 in 1 it’s in constant use.

Liaise Mon 16-May-22 07:26:18

I have a metal steamer insert to go in any size saucepan. A cheap way to save on fuel. Bought in Lakeland you can put all your veg. I have steamed fish in it also.

GrannySquare Mon 16-May-22 07:49:36

I got a Ninja Foodie a couple of years ago & use it every day to bake, grill, roast & pressure cook. It is very efficient.

However my one gripe it is that the function buttons are not backlit or colour coded so it took me a brief while to learn where they were on the panel. The cooking time & temperature displays are bright & easy to see.

kissngate Mon 16-May-22 09:34:03

Thanks everyone for views so far. I'm still not convinced about an air fryer as we fry very little and I probably eat chips 6 times a year max. As I have an electric oven I'm keen to buy a multi-cooker before winter and the rise again in energy costs. One with an easy to use pressure cooker and steamer would be ideal. I have an old slow cooker however the last two occasions I used it the meat was tough despite being on 8 hours so probably needs replacing. If I could combine all 3 functions into one pot it would be ideal.

merlotgran Mon 16-May-22 09:40:50

Have look at some of the videos on YouTube. They might help you make a decision.

grannysyb Mon 16-May-22 09:46:08

I have a stainless steel prestige pressure cooker, it doesn't seem anything as good as the old fashioned aluminium ones with weights. I love my slow cooker, always use it for casseroles. I'm dithering about which air fryer to buy, I would prefer a bigger one, although there are only two of us.

Doodledog Mon 16-May-22 10:04:11

I have an Instant Pot and a slow cooker, and was persuaded to get a Ninja 14 in 1 as neither has an air fryer.

I won’t go as far as to say I regret it, but I think I’d just have got a simple air fryer if I were doing it again. I prefer the IP for pressure cooking, and haven’t used the slow cooker function on the Ninja, as I use the single use one. I rarely cook meat, as my husband is vegetarian, but I use it for things like rice puddings, stewing fruit and veggie casseroles. My slow cooker has a bowl that can be used as a serving dish, whereas the Ninja’s bowl is just for cooking. This doesn’t matter if you are making a casserole, as it can be decanted into a dish for serving; but it is a disadvantage for anything with a topping. Also, the Ninja is big, and takes up space.

I do like the air fryer on the Ninja. Air fried chicken is delicious, and things like baked potatoes are much quicker than in the oven, but crisper than in the microwave. I haven’t had mine for long, so haven’t got used to all the functions, but I think the air fry one will be used the most.

For pressure cooking, I think the IP is great. It is very easy to use and efficient, and has other functions, including a steamer. IP also do a model with an air fryer. I wish I’d gone for that (I didn’t find out about it until too late) then I could have passed on my old one.