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beautybumble Wed 25-May-22 23:47:51

When my 3 children were small and I had 2 jobs, I still managed to keep the house clean and organized. It was exhausting of course. Now I'm retired and there's only me, I just can't get organized at all. I expect it's partly because no-one else would see it so what's the point? How do you organize your daily chores? Could you give me some tips on how to get back to how I used to be?

Elizabeth27 Wed 25-May-22 23:56:20

Concentrate on one room at a time, give yourself a target with a reward at the end, clear a cupboard, fill a black sack, tidy an area, work for 20 mins sort of thing then the reward is doing something you want to do. If that is done everyday it wont take long, and the more you do that improves things will encourage you to go on.

BigBertha1 Thu 26-May-22 06:21:54

I'm a routine person. I do the same things in the same order everyday. Boring I suppose but I get the house figure same way everyday, all over in less than an hour. Breakfast, clear up, prep evening meal, clean kitchen, clean downstairs loo, make bed, hoover, shower and change, clean bathroom, daily admin coffee break.

Kim19 Thu 26-May-22 06:22:56

Agree with E27 're one room at a time. I'm certainly neither expert or domestic goddess but I would start with the kitchen and then the bathroom before others. I was taught that tidyness 'gives the impression' of clean and I find that a comforting start. I'm basically lazy domestically and therefore find 'a place for everything and everything in it's place' works well for lazy me. Who cares who sees it? It's your comfort and state of mind that matters now and it does seem to be bothering you a little. Fix it at your own pace and to the standard that makes you happy. I hoover every year whether it needs it or not! Good luck.

Juliet27 Thu 26-May-22 06:28:28

All that in less than an hour?! I’d need to go back to bed!

Juliet27 Thu 26-May-22 06:32:14

That was re BigBerthal’s whirlwind method.

Oopsadaisy1 Thu 26-May-22 07:31:32

I’ve still got beds to hoover under and skirting boards behind the beds to wet wipe and I’ve just noticed cobwebs around the patio doors in the back bedroom, so it’s a total blitz job in there today, whilst I’m waiting in for a delivery.( Kitchen and Bathrooms are always kept clean.)
Only another 4 bedrooms to do, I must admit to neglecting them but keeping the rest of the house clean, it’s always tidy, just don’t look under the furniture!

tanith Thu 26-May-22 07:41:39

The only daily chores are bed airing/making tidy/clean kitchen and bathroom. Other jobs get done as and when needed. If the windows look dirty I clean them if the floors dirty it’s washed. On wet days I’ll spend time doing kitchen cupboards or clean blinds hoover under and behind furniture nothing is done in strict order but the house remains clean and tidy all the time. I just feel happier that way.

shysal Thu 26-May-22 07:42:32

No routine for me, I do things if and when I feel like it, which is not very often.

Urmstongran Thu 26-May-22 07:49:24

Good luck OP! I hate routine. I wouldn’t want to swing my legs out of bed if I thought I’d be wielding a vacuum cleaner in an hour! Or to think ‘it’s Wednesday - such and such day’.

That said, we live in a small space, no garden to maintain, no craft rooms to tidy, no freezer to defrost etc. I tend to wipe everywhere down with a damp cloth once a week whether it needs it or not ha! 🤣

silverlining48 Thu 26-May-22 08:26:15

We have just found a cleaner who started last week. Never had a cleaner before and it’s taken the pressure off dh and me and we already look forward to seeing her next time.

Whitewavemark2 Thu 26-May-22 08:33:37

I don’t like housework, but do like a tidy clean house. So like others I whizz around every day. By 11 I’m free for the entire day.

I do concentrate on a room a week, that way nothing ever gets grotty. It is such hard work otherwise.

My aim is to enjoy my life.

Shandy57 Thu 26-May-22 08:33:47

Have a look at FlyLady, she has suggested routines for each day of the week.

MawtheMerrier Thu 26-May-22 08:37:27

I would think I am about average regarding the state of my house. Reasonably tidy (if someone is coming , very tidy- where it shows) and clean, but I am frankly gobsmacked at what some people seem to do on a regular basis.
And speechless in admiration.
I have a cleaner once a fortnight and there’s only me and the dog so we don’t make much mess (well I don’t) but a quick push round of the hoover, tidy the bathroom, squirt stuff down the loos (especially the cloakroom) plumping of cushions and a sweep of the papers off the kitchen table and I’m done. The dishwasher takes delivery of mugs and plates, ironing (?) is well out of sight in the utility room . Anything more counts as Spring cleaning.
I remind myself it’s my house, my stuff and I am answerable to nobody but myself so I would say to OP, what is acceptable to you? Do that but don’t beat yourself up about it if you’re not Marie Kondo or Mr Carson of Downton Abbey.

fairfraise Thu 26-May-22 09:03:28

I'm ashamed to say that I've just found my crocodile hair clip under
this table . I've been without it for 2 weeks . The floor is swept and hoovered regularly but missed this bit. Our house is basically clean and tidy, and on wet days I try to get hoovering done by 10 at the latest.

kittylester Thu 26-May-22 12:51:09

I'm in the maw camp.

We have a cleaner (2 hours per week) upstairs one week, down the next! I sort of clean the kitchen and utility room daily, hoover the floors when they look bitty and do my own thing the rest of the time.

BlueSapphire Thu 26-May-22 13:27:21

I'm in the Maw camp too, except I don't have a cleaner.
Bathrooms get a deep clean every Monday, the rest of the week they get a quick tidy and wipe over.
Kitchen tidied and wiped down every day, dishes in the dishwasher.
I run the hoover over downstairs every day, as I have two white long-haired cats.
Things get dusted when I can see the dust!
Bedrooms hoovered and dusted whenever I change the bed.
Washing done as and when needed, but towels once a week.

There's only me to see stuff - except if I'm expecting visitors, when it has to be neat and tidy!

BigBertha1 Thu 26-May-22 13:37:56

I am a neat freak as I may have mentioned before. So is DH so while I'm doing that he's buzzing about too.

Jaxjacky Thu 26-May-22 14:18:29

I can’t justify a cleaner as we’re both capable. Kitchen, bathrooms and toilets are always clean.
The rest gets done when it needs doing, having a minimalist house helps, no ‘Nick nacks’, no pets.

kittylester Thu 26-May-22 14:23:29

jaxjacky, we are both capable to but prefer doing other things.

Teacheranne Thu 26-May-22 15:24:52

I don’t do any housework on a daily basis! I live alone and tend to tidy up as I go along so my house is fairly tidy. I manage to pee into the toilet and wash my hands without splashing so no need to do the bathroom every day although I do have a quick wipe round if I am expecting visitors! I don’t make my bed, I think mattresses need to air thoroughly so most days I just sweep the covers back neatly!

I do have a cleaner for two hours every two weeks as I have mobility problems so she keeps my little bungalow looking great, I rarely need to do anything between visits.

Am just off to empty the dishwasher, my task for today!

Chocolatelovinggran Thu 26-May-22 15:34:28

Urmstongran, I'm with you. I like to sneak up on myself in doing housework, or I might be tempted to stay in bed.

Baggs Thu 26-May-22 15:52:56

According to DD2 my house is "organised chaos" which can be translated as "busy", "stuff happening", people doing things they're interested in", and the like. Or, as a good friend puts it: "always something to look at".

I clean up as I go where hygiene and infection control are needed. Blank page type tidiness has no appeal for me.

AGAA4 Thu 26-May-22 16:16:30

I don't spend too much of my time cleaning. Only me here and I clean and tidy as I go and I don't make much mess.
I just make sure the kitchen and bathroom are hygienically clean and the rest is done when I feel like doing it.

karmalady Thu 26-May-22 16:33:49

I am always busy, sewing, spinning, knitting, gardening, batch cooking for ready meals for the freezer. My house is fine, it does get messy when I am busy eg I am altering a paper pattern and the cut off rubbish is on the floor. I used the stick blender this morning, no point in putting it all away as the battery is still charging

I forgot to make my bed this morning but I don`t care, a full day of airing will only be good. I do leave my kitchen tidy every evening, sink area very tidy and newly cleaned. I am clean, my house is clean. I am not a very tidy person but don`t hoard or make clutter. I set roomba to work whenever I notice crumbs or fluff and I dust skirtings every so often. Bathrooms are always clean and neat