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Cavity Wall Insulation - cold call

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FindingNemo15 Thu 26-May-22 12:20:39

I have just received a cold call regarding cavity wall insulation offering a free inspection as properties may not be covered properly and they can detect damp. We do have it and she referred to problems being in the news!

The caller was very insistent, but I managed to put her off. Yet again I have no ideas where she got my mobile number from.

I wondered if anyone else has heard of this.

Baggs Thu 26-May-22 12:53:03

Why didn't you say no thanks and put the phone down?

Also, there are ways of preventing all cold calls now. We used to get several a day. Now we get none because if a person doesn't give their name they don't get through (the phone doesn't even ring).

Charleygirl5 Thu 26-May-22 12:56:37

FindingNemo I can get rid of these folk easily by saying- sorry but I only rent here. Untrue but it gets rid of them, especially from the front door.

25Avalon Thu 26-May-22 13:04:54

Yes it’s happened to me along with cold calls on solar panels and loft insulation all of which I have! They still want to come and check in case it needs upgrading to which my response is I will go back to my original installer thank you and goodbye.

25Avalon Thu 26-May-22 13:05:33

Oh and then block the number on your mobile.

greenlady102 Thu 26-May-22 13:09:30

I just say no thank you and either put the phone down or shut the idea why people find it a problem to do either.

SachaMac Thu 26-May-22 13:32:08

I had a similar call about energy efficiency/loft insulation etc the other week. It sounds like it could well be a scam or at best a dodgy company desperate for business. You certainly wouldn’t want them coming round.
This week I had a call pertaining to be from Sky, I was pretty sure it was a scam so I quickly got rid of them. The following day I had a scam text, supposedly from one of my children saying they had dropped their phone down the toilet and were using a temporary number, then later on, as you can probably guess a text from them asking for me to forward some money to help them out. One of my AC was abroad at the time so I could quite easily have fallen for it. & I can see how people might get sucked in.
Its far too easy for these evil con artists to get hold of your phone number or e mail address, even if you put all security precautions in place.

ShropshireMiss Thu 26-May-22 14:30:23

It’s not necessarily a scam, could be a no win no fee type thing, as with the payment protection insurance compensation thing some years past.
Some houses that had the cavity wall insulation some years ago when you could get it done free with the government grants are now suffering from damp, I think it is ones in a certain geographic position where the same walls get regululary bartered by wet winds, and is a known problem, the issue being they shouldn’t have had the insulation done.
I had the free cavity wall and loft insulation and touch wood no problems yet.
Even if it’s not a scam still put the phone down. If you have a problem with the insulation to best to instigate the process yourself rather than with cold callers.

biglouis Sat 28-May-22 09:28:13

Ive found a very useful way to get find out who people are but put them off is to say Im the cleaner. No disrespect to cleaners but they are not in a position to purchase things or make household decisions. The caller wants to speak to the householder.

Saying that you rent is a good way to get rid of cavity wall/double glazing etc people and door callers.

Pepper59 Sat 28-May-22 11:29:08

I just hang up.

FindingNemo15 Sat 28-May-22 13:03:54

Thanks for all your wise comments and advice. I have no intention to get involved with this company just really wanted to know if was yet another scam.

LadyGracie Sat 28-May-22 13:49:53

If you Google any number it will tell you if it’s a nuisance call regarding insulation or energy providers etc. The one we have been getting for at least a fortnight begins with 02922 the Cardiff prefix and despite blocking the number the following 6 numbers are ascending daily sometimes 3 or 4 times. I now silence the phone so it rings to itself.