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Do you have a water meter?

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tanith Tue 28-Jun-22 09:57:08

18 mths ago Affinity installed water meters in my area with promise of ‘comparison’ bills within 6 mths. We are still on unmetered tariffs till they switch us over to fully metered later this year. We’ve never received our ‘comparison bills.
So any of you who are on water meters did you find your bills went up or down once on the meter? I live alone and only shower no baths so I’m hoping my water bill will be less on the meter.

midgey Tue 28-Jun-22 10:02:34

I have a water meter, my bill is lower than my neighbours but I don’t know exactly by how much. It does make me think before I use any water. The rough guide is supposed to be more bedrooms than people - cheaper on a meter.

MiniMoon Tue 28-Jun-22 10:29:53

We have a water meter. Our bills are much lower than before. This month we received our new statement and our payments have been reduced again, this time by £2. Every little helps!

Calendargirl Tue 28-Jun-22 11:03:02

I think everyone should have a meter, and pay for what they use. Why not, you pay for your other utilities.

If you are a single or two person household, it would probably be cheaper. If you have a large family, loads of laundry and showers etc, and if you have a large garden that you water, probably not, but as I say, paying for the amount you use is the fairest way.

Blossoming Tue 28-Jun-22 11:08:29

Our house already had a water meter installed as it was a new build.

Georgesgran Tue 28-Jun-22 11:11:02

Northumbrian Water say if there are fewer residents than bedrooms, a water meter is better. I agree with ‘Calendargirl’ - paying for what you use, like other utilities makes sense. My neighbour lives alone, as do I and her water bill is 75% more than mine.

Esspee Tue 28-Jun-22 11:14:54

I’m in Scotland and we don’t have a meter. As net exporters of water I reckon Scots should be entitled to a Feed in tariff.😉
What do other Scots grans think?

missingmarietta Tue 28-Jun-22 11:27:29

I've had a water meter everywhere I've lived for ages, at least 25-30 years I think. I've saved a fortune.

I live on my own, no dishwasher, but I do water the garden a lot at times. It works out to average over the year at about £14 a month.

kittylester Tue 28-Jun-22 11:36:06

We have a water meter and our bills more or less halved after it was fitted. I don't find it nakes me think anymore about my usage than before.

Wheniwasyourage Tue 28-Jun-22 11:41:29

Interesting idea, Esspee! My only reservation is that here in the North East we are becoming liable to water shortages (the downside of our getting less rain than those in the West). So far we have only had the odd hosepipe ban threatened in the past few years, but one day we may be threatened with water meters.

Anyway, judging by the way Scotland has to pay for putting power on the electric grid, what do you think are the chances of being paid for, rather than charged for, exporting water? grin

Greyduster Tue 28-Jun-22 11:44:01

When we moved into this house, there was a water meter already installed. I have to say for about six months I got quite paranoid about it, much to DH’s amusement, but when the bills came in and I saw how much they had gone down, compared to the flat rate we were paying before, I was very impressed. Never think about it now.

Shandy57 Tue 28-Jun-22 11:45:20

I'm in the NE on a water meter and glad to pay for what I use, it does make you more aware of this precious resource.

I've just seen someone washing his car with his hose, I doubt he's got one.

Audi10 Tue 28-Jun-22 11:50:07

Yes we have a water meter, we live in South East, it’s less expensive than we were paying before, so we are happy

veejay Tue 28-Jun-22 11:59:23

yes i have a water meter,and pay less than £12 a month, much cheaper


Zonne Tue 28-Jun-22 11:59:48

We have one - it was here when we moved in. We pay £20 a month, three bedroom semi, Midlands. I can't really compare, because I was in Scotland before, where my water was included in my council tax, and I didn't pay much attention to how that was apportioned.

Hetty58 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:04:13

Yes, here in London/Essex borders we did get those comparison bills - but a year later than planned, along with a 'changeover' to metering similarly delayed. It's much less than the standard unmetered bill - about half.

I have been thinking much more about water (and energy) saving lately, anyway. The downstairs loo has a large, old-fashioned cistern, so I've put a couple of glass jars in the 'free' end (other people use a 'hippo' device or a brick). I have rainwater storage tanks in the garden and, luckily, get four houses worth of rainwater!

Maya1 Tue 28-Jun-22 12:05:59

Yes we have a water meter. I asked for one to be installed years ago. It immediately cut our bills by more than half. Convinced our near neighbour to get one. Hers went done from £40.00 a month to £12.00 a month.

tanith Tue 28-Jun-22 12:25:02

Thanks everyone im going to switch over early if i can my bill is about £47 monthly at the moment so we shall see.

Chocolatelovinggran Tue 28-Jun-22 12:26:00

Agree with everyone here, Tanith - you will definitely save money, and it will make you mindful if how you use water, which is eco - friendly too. If you water a garden, invest in a water butt, pronto!

Sparklefizz Tue 28-Jun-22 12:59:05

I have a water meter and my bill is much lower than before. I live alone, have showers instead of baths, but I do water the garden. I pay £18 a month.

MeowWow Tue 28-Jun-22 13:10:24

I have a water meter and at the moment I’m paying £12 per month. The meter is read twice a year and afterwards the amount I pay is adjusted. I believe all houses should have a water meter. I know a few people who don’t have them and it’s disgusting how much water I’ve seen them waste. It makes sense to pay for what you use. Maybe then, people wouldn’t waste water.

Ilovecheese Tue 28-Jun-22 15:01:21

I don't have a water meter and I don't want one, even though I would probably pay less than I do now. Water was such a bargain when my children were growing up. imagine how much water we used with three teenage girls in the house.
I figure now it is my turn to pay a bit more so that other parents with children can pay less.

But then I live in Manchester, and believe me, we have plenty enough water!

Franbern Tue 28-Jun-22 16:14:43

Back in 2003 I was in the process of moving, just a mile away from a large semi, Edwardian five bedroomed house, to a terraced 3-bed 1930's house. The one I was moving from had been my family house, but several years earlier I had a water meter installed.

I was horrified to see that the water rates at the house I was moving into (about half the size of the one I was moving out of), was more than double what I was paying in the house I was leaving.

The vey first thing I did once moved, was to apply for a water meter.

In my current flat in a block of 25 with around 38 people living here, we include all water costs in with the service charge.

It does surprise me that the South West of England has such high water charges (as opposed to London), when there is so much water everywhere here.

lemsip Tue 28-Jun-22 16:16:01

yes I have a meter. i live alone so am better off with a meter

Urmstongran Tue 28-Jun-22 16:17:06

We have a water meter. Our apartment is in a new development so all of us have them.