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Would you enclose this?

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Flaxseed Sun 03-Jul-22 19:57:03

*Photo taken from Pinterest so as not to ‘out’ myself*

So, finally after a stressful sale of my house last year, temporary stay with DP whilst he sells his, we have exchanged contracts on our first house together.
We move the end of the month which cannot come soon enough!
We will have a wood burner very similar to the one in the photo. Floor to ceiling (one storey property)
We have toyed with the idea of enclosing it with a brick surround to create a fireplace with shelving either side but what do you think?
I am constantly looking at ideas for leaving as it is, and enclosing it and am so indecisive!
DP is easy, but is leaning more towards enclosing it.
What would you do?

Trouble Sun 03-Jul-22 20:06:46

Leave it open, in that picture it looks good like that. It will also make the room feel more spacious.

Casdon Sun 03-Jul-22 20:10:41

No, I wouldn’t enclose it, the chimney design is meant to be left exposed. Enclosed ones have the chimney coming out of the rear rather than the top.

V3ra Sun 03-Jul-22 20:15:24

We had a free-standing woodburner. I'd say it's a more modern look than one that's enclosed in a brick surround.
What will look best depends on the style of the rest of the room, but in any case I'd suggest living with it as it is for a while before you make a decision.

Elegran Sun 03-Jul-22 20:18:46

The exposed chimney gives heat into the room like a radiator. Bricking it in would insulate the room from that heat and instead send it up to heat the air above the house. Why spend money to heat the sky?

MrsKen33 Sun 03-Jul-22 20:19:10

Our also is free standing. It heats the room much better. Love it. All we need in the winter

Joseanne Sun 03-Jul-22 20:42:30

We have a white one which is enclosed to make a fireplace. We have just had the wall painted in a sapphire blue and will hang a large picture above the wood burner. The walls either side are pebble coloured as a contrast and have shelves.
If you leave it open it might look more rustic. It depends what style you want.I

J52 Sun 03-Jul-22 21:17:44

I’d leave it, for all the reasons already mentioned. If you enclose the chimney you’ll have to comply with building regulations.

VioletSky Sun 03-Jul-22 21:20:45

Small room, as photo large room, fireplace and storage for me

Esspee Sun 03-Jul-22 21:21:39

Wood burning at home emits more particle pollution than traffic. The days of wood burning stoves is coming to an end so no point in altering the room by building it in would be my recommendation.

Esspee Sun 03-Jul-22 21:23:10

Sorry, are not is. Should have proof read my comment.

Grannybags Sun 03-Jul-22 21:24:17

I think it would look nicer left as it is

Stephanie48 Sun 03-Jul-22 21:29:42

I would leave it as it is. You could put light coloured bookcases each side to frame it, and for storage.

J52 Sun 03-Jul-22 21:33:57


Wood burning at home emits more particle pollution than traffic. The days of wood burning stoves is coming to an end so no point in altering the room by building it in would be my recommendation.

Not quite true. It depends on the fuel used. Multi fuel stoves that burn seasoned wood and specially adapted carbon products do not pollute the atmosphere more that diesel or petrol.
With gas and electric prices on the rise keep your solid fuel stove, just burn the right fuel.

NotSpaghetti Mon 04-Jul-22 00:20:56

J52 - and some stoves are more efficient.

Leave it as it is I think.

StarDreamer Mon 04-Jul-22 00:57:23

Joseanne wrote ^... and will hang a large picture above the wood burner."

Will the rising heat damage the picture?

Joseanne Mon 04-Jul-22 07:30:19


Joseanne wrote ^... and will hang a large picture above the wood burner."

Will the rising heat damage the picture?

We've never actually lit the wood burner! It came with the house. The room is south facing, mild coastal region, and we aren't ones for liking too much heat! Purely aesthetic!

H1954 Mon 04-Jul-22 07:40:57

I would leave the chimney exposed. As already stated, it would radiate the hear from the fire. I would consider book cases, or even positioning other furniture in the spaces each side of the wood burner. Definitely wouldn't enclose the chimney.

Grammaretto Mon 04-Jul-22 07:56:43

I would leave it at least for the time being. You will get used to it too and be grateful for the extra heat when winter comes. You can always change the colour of your walls to make it less stark. If yours is similar to the Pinterest one.

Grammaretto Mon 04-Jul-22 08:02:57

I'm assured a wood burner is carbon neutral Esspee. I have a woodland nearby so no need to transport fuel either.

Mapleleaf Mon 04-Jul-22 08:03:19

I think it would be better to leave it open. As others have said, it will allow more heat to remain in the room, and you could look for complementary free standing shelving/cupboards to sit either side, allowing for airflow and the heat from the chimney, of course - nothing placed to close to it, as it will get very hot.

Flaxseed Mon 04-Jul-22 20:43:49

Thanks for all your comments.
I think I have been swayed to keep it exposed. Especially if there are building regs to create a fireplace/surround!

We do intend having cupboards/shelves either side.

I doubt we would actually use it much as that won’t be the only form of heating in that room.

I will be back with other questions to all you knowledgeable lot, so watch this space!

M0nica Tue 05-Jul-22 11:37:17

We live in an old house and our woodburner is in set in a huge brick chimney, including bread oven . Three or feet thick in places and heavily bricked through both floors.

We use it in winter during cold spells. Far from the chimney insulating us from the heat, the solid mass of bricks absorbs the heat and the chimney heats up like a great storage radiator and the heat from it, heats not only the living room, but the karge hallway and the two bedrooms above.

A couple of years ago, we had problems with the gas supply to our end of the village and for two weeks in Novemeber had no central heating. This one, not large, stove, effectively heated a large 4 bedroomed house

aggie Tue 05-Jul-22 11:53:49

I had one in the last house with brick round it , the room was good size but the brick looked heavy , the one we have now has never been lit , but I use fairy lights in and on it at Christmas

Theoddbird Tue 05-Jul-22 12:31:19

I have a wood burner. A lot of heat comes from the flue. By enclosing it you would lose that precious heat.