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Hi First time poster here

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HeavenLeigh Tue 05-Jul-22 18:28:51

Hi everyone ! I’m looking forward to joining in on some of the posts, you all seem lovely. Can’t wait to reply to those I’m interested in.

Curlywhirly Tue 05-Jul-22 18:30:18

Hi, welcome!

fairfraise Tue 05-Jul-22 18:33:58

Hello, I like your name!

CanadianGran Tue 05-Jul-22 18:35:12

Welcome, lots of good advice and banter here.

Smileless2012 Tue 05-Jul-22 18:36:10

Welcome to GN. There are loads of topics to choose from so have funsmile.

HeavenLeigh Tue 05-Jul-22 18:37:34

Thanks Curlywhirly

HeavenLeigh Tue 05-Jul-22 18:39:51

Thanks fairfraise, I would like to add I’m a female by the way I realise Leigh can be spelt this way for a male too.

Joseanne Tue 05-Jul-22 18:42:06

Hi HeavenLeigh. Enjoy dipping into lots of topics.
House and home offers great ideas as you have started there.

TillyTrotter Tue 05-Jul-22 18:46:57

Welcome HeavenLeigh 👋
If you enjoy any of the game threads I will see you there. 🙂

ShazzaKanazza Tue 05-Jul-22 19:05:29

Hi and welcome HeavenLeigh 👋

crazyH Tue 05-Jul-22 19:09:52

Welcome HeavenLeigh - lovely name 👌

HeavenLeigh Tue 05-Jul-22 19:13:03

Oh dear I’ve just realised I’ve posted on house & home trust me joseanne, anything about that subject is of interest to me, but I do enjoy most subjects

HeavenLeigh Tue 05-Jul-22 19:14:20

Thanks Tilly, I do actually

Mine Tue 05-Jul-22 21:00:10

Hello Heaven Leigh....sure you'll Gransnet...