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What would attract you to a house

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Vintagejazz Tue 05-Jul-22 20:48:15

Currently selling the family home.

Just wondering what would attract you to, and turn you off buying a house from an interior presentation point of view?

Beautful Tue 05-Jul-22 20:53:49

Ist impressions lasting impressions ... so personally of I liked the look of the outside to me worth looking on the inside

varian Tue 05-Jul-22 20:58:24

Location,location; location is still the golden rule.

Nearly everything else could be changed

Shandy57 Tue 05-Jul-22 20:58:42

I viewed a lot of houses and found a lot of personal photographs and clutter off putting, I felt I couldn't really 'look'.

I agree that kerb appeal is very important.

FarNorth Tue 05-Jul-22 21:00:21

I agree.

For interior presentation, follow the usual advice to declutter, clean, have minimum furniture, neutral decor if possible.
It seems many people have trouble "seeing through" others' choice of decor & furnishings.

NotTooOld Tue 05-Jul-22 21:05:54

Clutter free and clean would attract me. A sunny back garden would be good too. I hate seeing a house where the garage has been converted into a room or, worse, where half the garage has been converted into a room leaving just a storage cupboard.

Mattsmum2 Tue 05-Jul-22 21:07:31

I agree with all the posters so far. Neutralise and de-clutter . When I sold I got a local decorator in to freshen up the paintwork, replaced a worn stair carpet and tried to look at my house through the eyes of a potential buyer. Got the block paving cleaned and cleared the garden. It certainly worked. Also look at agents that have lots of boards in the area, sold ones preferably. Check sites such as Get an agent. Best of luck

Joseanne Tue 05-Jul-22 21:11:24

Interior presentation for me would ideally be clean, no marks on paintwork, maximum light, little clutter.

Floradora9 Tue 05-Jul-22 21:22:12

While house hunting I was impressed with the house we looked at where the duvet covers looked beautifully ironed. I felt it reflected on the standard of the housekeeping . An untidy bed looks unloved.

GagaJo Tue 05-Jul-22 21:28:59

It took me a year to find my current house. Some things were non-negotiable.

Some sort of garden. Upstairs bathroom (so many have them downstairs in the NE). Two downstairs rooms so I could have one for teaching. Big rooms. Light.

Things I overlooked that have become an issue are lack of parking. Garden is too small.

I was swayed by the street, which is very pretty and I continue to like. The area is OK.

But other than my basic list, I can overlook a lot. And did. My house was a mess when I bought it and did it all up myself.

But I'd say for a general market, very plain kitchen and bathrooms. Light colour. Lots of light. Fresh. Clean. Non cluttered. Although to be honest, in my area at the moment, anything at all is selling overnight.

Joseanne Tue 05-Jul-22 21:33:10

Yes, Floradora9, me too. I kept a pristine white duvet cover ready to put on when viewers came.

Jaxjacky Tue 05-Jul-22 21:33:52

Clean, no clutter and no smells! Including those plug in things, I don’t like them anyway, but I’d wonder what other smell they were trying to hide.

Shandy57 Tue 05-Jul-22 21:47:42

I've remembered evidence of pets - when I was selling I hid everything away, especially the cat litter tray!

Joseanne Tue 05-Jul-22 21:51:37


I've remembered evidence of pets - when I was selling I hid everything away, especially the cat litter tray!

I hid the dogs too Shandy round at my daughter's house!

HeavenLeigh Tue 05-Jul-22 21:52:05

Good kerb Appeal, location, clutter free, 2 toilets if house, so many have just one, driveway

M0nica Tue 05-Jul-22 21:57:00

We are serial renovators, very little puts us off. We can see through dirt, disorder and plain bad taste.

The exception, we helped DS buy his first flat, needed renovating and was very good value, but the previous occupant was a chain smoker and everything in the house was ingrained with tarry residues.

We are non-smokers and just assumed a good scrub and several coats of paint would sort it out. It didn't, we had to repaint some of the walls every year as the tar oozed through. I would now never consider a house that had been occupied by a smoker.

Anything else we can deal with if the house is what we are looking for, where we want it

henetha Tue 05-Jul-22 21:58:08

All wooden floors would put me off. I may not be able to afford to carpet throughout.
Also, privacy in the garden is important to me. No-one must see me in my bikini!

MayBee70 Tue 05-Jul-22 21:58:15

I’d never buy a house that had had a very expensive kitchen or bathroom installed that wasn’t to my taste as I couldn’t live with it and I couldn’t rip out a perfectly good installation. And I wouldn’t buy a house without a bath. Or if it had a shared driveway.

SunshineSally Tue 05-Jul-22 22:05:18

Generally for me it’s location, kerb appeal, clean with no clutter - especially kitchens and bathrooms. Light and airy rooms.

Although having said that - our current bungalow was DIY-upper. Unlived in for about 18mths, probate property and the inside was probably 1970s if not earlier and the garden was a forest. You could see the potential and it took quite some persuading for me to agree ! Whilst I’m so glad we did it now, there’s no way I would do it again.

We have one bedroom left to do - but as the loft hatch is in there we need to get the loft ladder done first!

Weirdly though, I still find myself drawn to Rightmove! 🫣

MerylStreep Tue 05-Jul-22 22:08:07

I couldn’t care less about decor. I’m someone that can look through anything.
In the first house I bought I fell in love with the Victorian lamp on the newel post. We viewed at early evening and there wasn’t one bed made ( 4 children 2 adults) the garden was a mud bath.
The house we bought abroad was the ugliest concrete box you’ve ever seen but with a view to die for.
One proper we bought had been empty for 7 years and the for 10 years before that had been offices for Sketchly the dry cleaners.
The bungalow we are in now was pretty grim. The boiler was in the lounge. That gives you some idea 😟

NotSpaghetti Tue 05-Jul-22 22:08:16

I am not a fan of Artex and unless I loved everything else would definitely think twice if there was a lot of it.
That said, I can look past clutter, horrible wallpaper, terrible paint choices and nasty carpets so like Monica I'm not your "standard" house hunter.

This house had a dark salmon kitchen, murky yellow sitting room and dark red striped dining room. It was pretty cluttered and had a TV and phone in every room (it seemed).
This was easily remedied but the family also had cats which we hadn't noticed. In the winter with the heating on, the smell in one area of the landing did not respond to scrubbing, disinfecting, cat products etc etc and meant we had to lift and replace floorboards.

So.. as well as smoking I'd be reluctant to buy from a cat lover.

BigBertha1 Tue 05-Jul-22 22:09:18

I could only buy a very clean house, no smokers and probably no pets. We are looking again now but not hopeful of finding something like that unless it's a new build as this house and the one before it was.

M0nica Tue 05-Jul-22 22:10:51

Thinking about it, if a house meets our requirements that is all we need. DD bought a house in immaculate condition with a new kitchen, top of the price range because it was the house she wanted where she wanted it. Unfortunately the decor was hideous (think scarlet shag carpet in the big main bedroom).

Within months she had completely redecorated it, She didn't like the (new) kitchen. She could not afford to replace it, so she took the units out and then put them back in a different configuration and later bought new doors and worktop in a sale.

I would never say 'never' about any feature (smoking apart), we have owned some fabulous homes, because when push came to shove, we were prepared to live with (or change) a feature we would previously have considered unacceptable.

Luckygirl3 Tue 05-Jul-22 22:11:42

Light, light and more light.

I have always taken a compass with me when I visit house to see where the light travels round.

Vintagejazz Tue 05-Jul-22 22:12:54

Thanks everyone. We have professional cleaners coming in at the weekend, garden is looking good and I have new duvet covers and pillow cases for viewings. We've also removed a lot of photos and ornaments and cleared clutter out of the kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom.
Hopefully it's enough.