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Long Handled Window Opener

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Caleo Fri 05-Aug-22 18:00:29

Please does anyone have experience of a long handled window opener for my high windows? The window is not a roof light or a Velux but is ordinary high window above a non-opening window. I have seen one for sale for about £40 marketed as a disabled aid but I cannot see how it works.

Sago Fri 05-Aug-22 18:48:23

I use a spaghetti scoop😬. The hole in the middle is the perfect size for the handle, quick flick and push and it’s done!

kittylester Fri 05-Aug-22 19:01:37

I live in a converted school and have one of these.

kittylester Fri 05-Aug-22 19:04:17

Forgot the phot. We git it on Amazon, I think.

Caleo Fri 05-Aug-22 19:05:16

Sago, I looked up pictures of spagh scoops. Does your window have a lever handle that locks with a thing you have to push in?

Sago Fri 05-Aug-22 23:17:13

Caleo That’s exactly what my window is.

Sago Fri 05-Aug-22 23:18:26

I’m currently reading in bed! But tomorrow I will take a photo of the window and spaghetti tool🤣🤣🤣

Franbern Sat 06-Aug-22 08:22:42

I have one shown on AMazon as a disabled assistance. Cost now not much under fifty quid. I purchased mine about 15 years ago for under a tenner. It is very good for pushing those windows open and closing them BUT it does not push the lever to unlock them. I used it for the small top windows at my house for many years, but had to climb up each Spring to push the button to 'unlock' them. After that I never fully closed them all summer so I could use this poll.

Never found one which could also push that button.

Easier to use on the large windows in my flat, when closed I can easily reach all the handles, so no problem with pushing in that locking button. When I open the windows (as I often do), beyond the safety catch, I use this long handled thingie to reach out to pull them back.

Franbern Sat 06-Aug-22 08:23:22

The one I have is being shown on Amazon as NRS Long Handled window opener.

Sago Sat 06-Aug-22 09:06:24

Here’s a picture as promised.

Caleo Sat 06-Aug-22 11:31:59

Thank you very much Sago. I don't own one but it looks a good lightweight plastic tool that does as you say.

Franbern I thought of buying that very tool as you describe it. That's why I hoped to find someone like you who has actually used it. Now I have read your post I can decide not to buy it. Very helpful! Thanks! However Sago's spagh spoon seems to do the same job and also looks reassuringly light to lift up to the high handle. I'll get a spagh spoon.

I think I can open and close the window without pushing in the locking button, but just avoid pushing and pulling too hard on the lever handle.

I suppose burglars can't easily see if a high window is locked or not. Anyway any burglar could not get through the shower room window unless he was a small child.

Missfoodlove Sat 06-Aug-22 11:43:28

I think they’re about £3.99!
Get a sturdy one, too much flexibility is not good👌

Caleo Sat 06-Aug-22 11:45:52

Sago, I think you must be taller than me. I have shrunk to just under five feet. I have just been trying several of my kitchen tools for length and they are too short. So instead of a spagh spoon I will get a wooden dowel and screw a cup hook on the end.

midgey Sat 06-Aug-22 12:10:41

I can open my window but not reach to shut it again, if you follow me! I use a washing up brush with a hook at the end, pretty sure it’s Vileda.

Caleo Sat 06-Aug-22 13:00:58

Midgey I follow. If you close the window you'd have to hook something round the lever so you could pull.

Caleo Sat 06-Aug-22 13:04:54

Kittylester's window pole would I think be too heavy for me as I am 90 and lack the energy.