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In what did you start your married life ?

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Floradora9 Mon 08-Aug-22 21:50:17

We started off married life in a furnished flat in London over 50 years ago . We had not meant to live in the city long so did not want to put down roots . We had the top half of a house with the owner living below us She was totally vulnerable as we used the same front door and went through her kitchen to put the rubbish out . We had a gas fire in the living room and that was all the heating . The bath water came from a gas appliance which was a devil to heat and I managed to set the curtains alight one day in my efforts to light it . The oven was an old gas one difficult to regulate and I cannot remember if we had a fridge or not . I remember one of my frinds who was a bit older than me telling me that they did not even have an inside toilet in their first flat . Our old lady was very sweet and would leave things on the bottom step for us that she had been given and did not want.
It was made very clear to us when interviewed by her family before we were accepted that we had the right colour of skin and were not foreign .

Fleurpepper Mon 08-Aug-22 21:54:42

In London too- attic floor, ex servants quarters- damp, with gas fire that took 50p pieces, and a freezing bathroom, with the gas heater that almost exploded when you switched water on. It was a dump and very expensive too- a whole 13.50 a week!

Witzend Mon 08-Aug-22 22:00:35

In a small prefab on a company compound in Oman, with the most horrible furniture imaginable, and garish vinyl floors. One was orange and white.
To be fair, there wasn’t much available at the time (1974) - there were virtually no Western style shops, but it was evidently the cheapest they could find.
I’d asked dh before arriving what I should bring from the U.K. - he said nothing! - only to have me find so much basic kitchen equipment lacking. I went in search of e.g. a wooden spoon - the shop where they might have had such a thing told me there might be a ship coming in 6 weeks. 😂

BigBertha1 Mon 08-Aug-22 22:07:04

A one bed flat, damp, no heating but it was great to get away from my mother's house

Ladyleftfieldlover Mon 08-Aug-22 22:07:18

Two weeks after we married in Henley on Thames, we flew to Seychelles. OH had a job as a Junior Resident Engineer on a water project. We were there for two years. Bungalow, maid, garden boy, boat! I worked as a Part-time Secretary to OH’s boss and did voluntary work at a school.

MawtheMerrier Mon 08-Aug-22 22:07:40

Like Fleurpepper an attic flat, ostensibly furnished but a dump, freezing in winter, roasting in summer, coin in the slot meter and 10 guineas a week.
It was in a nice part of S London, very close to Greenwich Park but without access to the tube it felt very “outer suburban” although there were overground trains to Maze Hill and the 53 bus.
I could not wait to move to our second, unfurnished flat across the Upper Richmond Rd from Richmond Park.

Farmor15 Mon 08-Aug-22 22:08:41

In a small cottage with no bathroom or toilet - just a bucket in a shed! The kitchen roof leaked, blowing the cooker fuse so we had to set up a temporary kitchen in another room till we could get an extension built.

tanith Mon 08-Aug-22 22:11:10

We bought a house with my inlaws us up and them down i really don't remember being asked if i minded. My mil was not an easy person to get on with. We lived there for 9yrs with 3 children it wasnt easy.

Oldnproud Mon 08-Aug-22 22:11:14

A 70ft narrowboat. It was home for twenty years. For the first few years, everything ran off 12 volts or gas, so no electrical appliances. I used to wash DS1's nappies in a bucket, in cold water at a canalside tap. Later on we had a large generator, so i was able to have a twin tub washing machine then.

The gas oven never got hot enough to cook things like Yorkshire puddings, and the gas fridge struggled to keep things cold in warm weather.

You know how hot a car gets in hot sunny weather - the boat was the same. The very first summer on the boat, there was a heatwave, and we had to rush out and buy a paddling pool to cool off in!

Those were the days.

Zoejory Mon 08-Aug-22 22:22:33

The Seychelles and narrow boat sound great!

We were lucky enough to be able to get a mortgage in the early 80s when it was difficult to get one. Top up loans, endowments etc etc.

We had a 3 bedroom semi

Betsylee Mon 08-Aug-22 22:23:58

A two bedroom semi detached bungalow with a drive in 1982. We were looking and everything we liked was just that little bit too expensive and my best friend who lived in the same road told me the owners had lost their buyers so we were given the chance to look at it. It's a standing joke now that I looked on my own and said yes we'd have it, DH who was working at the time was told later that day! It was a bargain, needed a lot of updating but a really good price and was a real step on the property ladder. We lived there for six years and we both loved it, only moved as needed more space for a family.

Charleygirl5 Mon 08-Aug-22 22:28:00

A first floor flat in NW London with the owner living on the ground floor. If I had a day off and went out twice that day. there were sighs, moans and groans. She wanted the rent but nobody else living in the house.

No central heating, no double bed, but two single beds pushed together but they were of different heights. The furniture was ancient and uncomfortable.

I was so glad we were able to buy our own house about a year later.

Chewbacca Mon 08-Aug-22 22:30:55

2 up, 2 down terraced cottage that we rented for £12.25 per month. I was the first one in my family to have an inside toilet, bathroom and hot water and so relatives came for a bath whilst we were out at work.
The kitchen was in a glass roofed extension and, during a particularly windy night, next doors chimney pot fell off and crashed through our kitchen roof. That was fun to clean up.

Maggymay Mon 08-Aug-22 22:41:23

We saved really hard for the deposit of £500 to buy our first home in 1971 a 1930’s 3 bed. We had no money left for furniture ,so it was all donated by family or bought second hand.

ginny Mon 08-Aug-22 22:45:35

1976 New 3 bedroom new semi detached.
We had saved up a good deposit by doing nothing and going nowhere for a few years.
We had a new bed and I was lucky enough to have won a new cooker. Deckchairs in the lounge and Grandmas old curtains and rugs. Fridge was a wedding present and crockery and cutlery were ‘petrol’ company promotions.’

MerylStreep Mon 08-Aug-22 22:52:26

A lovely rented flat in Leigh on sea. That was when Leigh on sea was like a friendly village. Unlike now where it’s full of people who know the price of everything and the value of nothing. That was 1969.

Grandma70s Mon 08-Aug-22 23:03:09

In 1968, a big flat at the top of a Georgian house in Liverpool.
Third floor, so a lot of stairs, no lift of course. The rooms were huge, except for the kitchen, which was tiny. To get to the loo there was a long sprint to the far end of the enormous freezing bathroom. No heating, though we eventually got two storage heaters for the sitting room, which was at least forty feet long. The only furniture we possessed at first was a bed and a cooker.

GagaJo Mon 08-Aug-22 23:04:25

A mobile home in a tiny village in the middle of the Chihuahuan desert in New Mexico. There was almost no housing and it was the only option. Except it turned out to have a cockroach infestation, so I insisted we find something else. The something else was a huge mobile home with 3 bedrooms and fortunately no insects.

It was a very surreal experience. One that I'd love to repeat, although at the time, I just wanted to come back to the UK.

Grandma70s Mon 08-Aug-22 23:13:00

We rented this impractical place from people we knew. I have never before or since lived anywhere as big or as cold. We were, of course, very happy.

henetha Mon 08-Aug-22 23:25:56

In one room. A bedsit. I had been living there alone anyway as I left home at 19, so my husband simply moved in with me. But we saved and then had a nice garden flat where our first child was born.

Zonne Mon 08-Aug-22 23:34:31

Two bedroom terrace in an award winning Brutalist development (no, not the Barbican). It wasn’t unusual to open the door for the milk and find a coach load of architecture/town planning students taking photos of me in my ratty dressing gown.

It was - and still is, which pleases me - a council house.

merlotgran Mon 08-Aug-22 23:46:48

A rented farm cottage on the Isle of Wight. Fabulous views across Tennyson Down and opposite the field where the 1970 Pop Festival was held.

Our first two children were born there. Happy days.

paddyann54 Mon 08-Aug-22 23:49:44

A 2 bedroom and boxroom semi detached new house with garage .Council house allocated 2 weeks after we got married,central heating was included in the rent .
Our council had built hundreds of new homes for Glasgow overspill ,though we were locals we were very lucky to be given one to begin married life ,
We stayed there for 8 years until our business was established ,hen bought a flat near the school we wanted our 4 year old to attend .
Sadly Thatchers sale of council houses meant many were sold and not replaced and its only now that a lot of new council properies are being built

Chewbacca Mon 08-Aug-22 23:50:38

Extremely fortunate merlotgran, those were views to die for! I love West Wight.

cornergran Tue 09-Aug-22 00:35:16

A two up two down terrace in East London rented from my fathers employer. Outside toilet, the only heating was an open fire in the sitting room, a (probably dangerous) gas contraption in the kitchen for hot water. We went to my parents for a bath. We loved it there even though I managed to fall top to bottom down the stairs and it took days to get the included cooker almost clean.