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Where does the dirt lie in and around your home?

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Baggytrazzas Tue 09-Aug-22 10:40:39

I thought my house and garden were quite clean and tidy, always a few corners needing attention but the overall standards seemed fine to me. I've just finished watering some plant pots on the back doorstep using the hose, and absentmindedly ran the hose over the plastic tufted door mat.................and was truly shocked by the amount of dirt that came out of it. It didn't even look dirty. I usually turn it over and bash it against the step every week or so but haven't washed it before now as it looked quite clean. I've hosed it for 20 minutes full blast and there is still dirt washing out but I've had to leave it for now.

Has anyone else had a shock to discover something they thought was quite clean but in fact was filthy?

Tizliz Tue 09-Aug-22 11:37:56

Pulled out the bottom drawer in the kitchen and was embarrassed at the dirt behind it.

eazybee Tue 09-Aug-22 11:41:54

Twenty minutes of a hose on full blast with an imminent water shortage?

Calendargirl Tue 09-Aug-22 11:45:01


Twenty minutes of a hose on full blast with an imminent water shortage?

Agree, shocking waste of water.

Better to have a grubby mat .

Doodledog Tue 09-Aug-22 11:47:05

Does it matter if an outside mat is grubby?

PollyDolly Tue 09-Aug-22 11:51:49

Being on a water meter, 20 minutes of a hose pipe running at full force.................cheaper to buy a new door mat.

Casdon Tue 09-Aug-22 12:00:38

There isn’t a water shortage everywhere, people are being judgmental without knowing where Baggytrazzas lives. She may live on the west coast of Scotland where there’s loads of rain and loads of water in the reservoirs - and she may be watering her lawn while she’s cleaning her mat.

In answer to your question Baggytrazzas yes. I’ve got a log burner built into a hearth in my lounge. Yesterday I decided to Hoover underneath, behind and above it, it’s quite dark and I found in addition to lots of cobwebs three discarded dog biscuits in the deepest recesses. Yuck.

karmalady Tue 09-Aug-22 12:00:54

Full blast water hose? Really, when we are on verge of a water shortage

Athrawes Tue 09-Aug-22 12:06:03

The minute I've guided the vac around and put it away the dirt and cobwebs quickly reappear. We have a fair number of people coming and going and they do wipe their feet so I can't blame them but it is tiresome. I'd love a clean house but I just would like one day of cleanliness and tidiness

sodapop Tue 09-Aug-22 12:27:21

That happens to me too Athrawes We live in an old house with beams and the minute I sit down for a rest there they are - multiple cobwebs.

Blossoming Tue 09-Aug-22 12:30:17

I often don’t see dusty and or grubby bits thanks to my VI. When I get closer to them I’m shocked! Around the front door and the patio doors are the worst.

Baggytrazzas Tue 09-Aug-22 12:53:27

Hi to all of those who are fearful that I am about to cause the water in their taps to dry up, I am not in an area that has any water shortage and we have never to the best of my knowledge had any hosepipe bans in my lifetime. Our ground is usually damp or soaking wet all year round. When I was hosing the mat on the step the water was running down into various other lower parts of the garden that have pots and other recently planted things in them, that I usually water every few days.
My neighbours in various places along our road are out nearly every day hosing cars, paths, windows and gardens. They don't have water meters either. None of us is creating any water shortages anywhere.

I have no water meter and if I did it would be up to me to decide whether to spend my money on water or on a new mat, would it not?

I think it does matter if an outside mat is grubby because I think that dirt would be brought into the house rather than left outside in the mat? If that is the case then my mat has definitely been doing its job, as it was truly loaded with dirt.

I'm not sure why there are so many people on GN that just jump in and scream their unasked for opinions. I hope you don't conduct your face to face conversations in the same manner. Feel free to answer the question posted and contribute to the thread, or move on to something else.

Thanks to the rest of you for your contributions.

Calendargirl Tue 09-Aug-22 14:27:50

Doesn’t matter where you live or how much rain you get, water meters should be compulsory.

MiniMoon Tue 09-Aug-22 14:29:53

We've just pulled the fridge freezer from its housing ready for the new one coming tomorrow. I was shocked by the mess down the freezer door. It was built in, with cupboard doors on the outside. Evidence of all the spillages from the fridge o er the last 20 years. Yuck.

AGAA4 Tue 09-Aug-22 14:36:36

There is one window that I seem to omit in my cleaning regime. It is in the hallway and is opaque. I decided I had better give it a wipe and was very embarrassed by how filthy it was.

MerylStreep Tue 09-Aug-22 14:42:27

I don’t care if the OP lives in an area with a lot of rainfall. It’s still an awful waste of one of our most precious resources.

Shirley48 Tue 09-Aug-22 14:42:51

The least said about behind my cooker when it was pulled out recently the better! And actually the inside of the cooker too, as it’s rarely used now as we use the air fryer and microwave - somehow the inside of the oven was very dusty!

VioletSky Tue 09-Aug-22 14:45:07

Cleaning behind the cooker for me, yuk

Casdon Tue 09-Aug-22 14:54:30


I don’t care if the OP lives in an area with a lot of rainfall. It’s still an awful waste of one of our most precious resources.

Thee isn’t a national grid for water MerylStreep, so water from Scotland can’t currently be piped to the south east of England, for example. It is a precious resource, but up to this point it hasn’t been valued at a national level so the infrastructure doesn’t match the rhetoric. Water wastage matters of course, but water isn’t a scarce resource in Scotland, or in Wales, we get too much of it. We don’t currently have a hosepipe ban where I am either.

Oopsadaisy1 Tue 09-Aug-22 16:06:10

We had to have a new integrated fridge a couple of months ago, not only was it terribly dusty and cobwebby, but I found my Mums chopping board under it, no idea how it got there, but it’s glass so it was popped into the dishwasher and it’s as good as new, sadly though I hate using glass boards, that screech of the knife makes me shudder.

Our bathroom is always very dusty and in the Summer when they are harvesting all around us it’s a constant battle with dust which gets everywhere.

Norah Tue 09-Aug-22 16:28:36

As an alternate view, we have a small Karcher, the door mats get high pressure sprayed often - water running usefully into the garden.

TillyTrotter Tue 09-Aug-22 16:38:27

Inside 3 uplighter floor lamps. On each one there is a glass disc screwed over the 2 tube bulbs at the highest level (over 4 ft) with just a small hole in the middle of the glass. Big enough for dust, flies and spiders, but can’t get the vacuum in.

Several times a year I get DH to take them apart so that I can clean out the dead bodies and dust.

ExDancer Tue 09-Aug-22 16:38:34

I've only just, this morning, put a skirt on. We've had lashings of rain and its been cold enough for me to have worn jeans until today. (South Cumbria)
My legs are a whiter than white shade of pale.

Georgesgran Tue 09-Aug-22 16:40:33

I was surprised when the chap pulled my washing machine out (to repair) and found a mummified mouse underneath!
Not half as surprised as the chap who almost had a heart attack!!

Baggytrazzas Tue 09-Aug-22 16:47:02


Doesn’t matter where you live or how much rain you get, water meters should be compulsory.

Hi Calendargirl, who would benefit from water meters being compulsory and if they were, who would pay for them to be installed?