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Something amazing has happened.

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annsixty Wed 17-Aug-22 16:54:41

In the post this morning a yearly statement from United Utilities, my water supplier..
My payments have gone down by £5 a month , an absolute shock in the face of everything else going up.

midgey Wed 17-Aug-22 17:01:03

Brilliant! A tiny ray…..

Fleurpepper Wed 17-Aug-22 17:03:24

with a notice of the hosepipe ban ;)

Harris27 Wed 17-Aug-22 17:03:56


VioletSky Wed 17-Aug-22 17:06:09


This made me smile

AGAA4 Wed 17-Aug-22 17:14:11

Nice surprise. I think I will be getting the other kind before long

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 17-Aug-22 18:14:26

Are you on a metered supply? Maybe you’re seeing the benefits of being careful with water. We were amazed to be told by our water authority that our consumption in a two person household is less than that of the average single person household. Yes, we do have showers, wash our clothes and drink water!

annsixty Wed 17-Aug-22 18:18:30

Yes I am on a meter and it has saved me a lot of money over the years.
Two of us with occasionally three.
My GD showers by the minute but I am in and out in minutes and now I am very old, not every day.
For comparison purposes it has gone down from £31 to £26 a month.

Georgesgran Wed 17-Aug-22 19:27:09

My water went down from £31 to £18 and a refund to my bank of £60. It was obvious I was paying too much (live alone, metered) but I let it run for 6 months and knew it would sort itself out. Still £13 a month in my pocket and a splash of diesel with the refund!

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 19:32:45

I can honestly say that since I've had a meter, my water bill is the only one that makes me a tiny bit happy.
I wish I had done it years ago!

Georgesgran Wed 17-Aug-22 19:58:41

And you’ll be saving even more MissA until your wandering watering can returns! 😂
Any sign, or have you replaced it?

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 20:01:35

Ta da!
Meet the new addition.
Came today, through the post, but cost more than I'd have liked.

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 20:03:05

Oops. Thought I'd lost this one too!

Aveline Wed 17-Aug-22 20:25:29

That's great annsixty such a surprise these days!

crazyH Wed 17-Aug-22 20:33:07

Now now, why is it on your hob? Remove it asap 😂😂

MissAdventure Wed 17-Aug-22 20:35:02

That's about the only place that is tidy ish at the moment. blush

crazyH Wed 17-Aug-22 20:37:02

Miss A - 😂

Callistemon21 Wed 17-Aug-22 20:41:18

I was thinking about this today.

Water is privatised. If the customer buys something from a private company there is usually a choice where to buy the product or commodity.

However, there is no choice at all with water companies - if you live in their area they are your supplier, no choice.

Why aren't we protesting?

Georgesgran Wed 17-Aug-22 20:44:56

Of course now your missing can will turn up! Sod’s Law? X

SparklyGrandma Fri 19-Aug-22 11:36:43

MissAdventure nice watering can. I am off to buy a second one tomorrow so I can fill with household water, then water my plants.
Maybe even buy two more, if the price is right.

shysal Fri 19-Aug-22 11:44:33

I have 7 watering cans! blush. Some in the front near the outside tap, others positioned near the 3 butts around the back garden. Small for high baskets and larger for pots.

Gabrielle56 Fri 19-Aug-22 11:51:23

It's the little things........😂

Grammaretto Fri 19-Aug-22 11:53:14

But do you use them all shysal?
I have a hoover on each floor of my 3 story house. It doesn't encourage more hoovering but if it did then it would be easier.
I am pleased about the small bill annsixty
though mine is frightening despite having no boiler for 3 months and before that no cooker for a year.

Grantanow Fri 19-Aug-22 12:21:23

Water companies should be nationalised. They are monopolies and fail to invest adequately in leak prevention and sewage treatment.

nannypiano Fri 19-Aug-22 14:29:15

I get quite angry when I see Anglian Water advertising on tv. Like has been said already, we have no choice who supplies our water, so why the need to advertise? It must be paid for through our bills. Advertising isn't cheap. Arrrgh.