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Silverlady79 Fri 23-Sep-22 17:09:22

Hi there,

My son is moving back next month from France to the UK and I am desperately trying to find a van share. He doesn't have too much stuff but to cut a long story short needs help with his belongings. Anyone know of how the heck I find it, because I can't.....! TIA

silverlining48 Fri 23-Sep-22 17:28:06

I found a van to take things to my dd in Europe. Used it twice.
Try googling van delivery between France and UK. I had a lot of response from different people giving a price. Then I contacted them.

MissAdventure Fri 23-Sep-22 17:56:46

Would this type of thing be any good to you?
There are lots similar online, but I have used this one for uk journeys.

MissAdventure Fri 23-Sep-22 17:57:52

M0nica Sat 24-Sep-22 14:46:42

Do a google search 'house removal france to uk' . You will get page after page after page of them. most do full or part loads

Sago Sat 24-Sep-22 16:03:52

Try this link, this links up couriers coming back with empty loads to people like your son..

Fleurpepper Sat 24-Sep-22 16:13:27

From which region? There are local FB groups for expats.

Jaxjacky Sat 24-Sep-22 16:17:57

I can give you one Silverlady, we used them for a part load and I know lots of people who’ve used them too. They may recommend others if they can’t do it.

silverlining48 Sat 24-Sep-22 17:40:33

This may have been the site where I found my delivery man. I know I got a few quotes from different people and chose the one who seemed polite, with a reasonable price for the items to be delivered.
He was Polish and visited family there and did deliveries on his way there and back. It worked well. As far as I remember he told me when he was going over rather than me giving him a date.

Welshwife Sat 24-Sep-22 18:13:13

Safe hands haulage is a family company and well run. The people that I know who have used this company have all been very pleased with the level of service etc.