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silverspoon125 Sun 29-Jan-23 11:58:36

Just a thought - why are brooms sold with the brush separate from the stick. I don't want to have to connect it myself when I get it home. I want it good to go.

Any ideas?

Ilovecheese Sun 29-Jan-23 12:49:20

Easier to transport probably. It will certainly not be for your convenience, but for the convenience of the manufacturer and seller.

Baggs Sun 29-Jan-23 12:53:16

Some have screw on brush heads.

Also, last time I bought a broom (relatively recently) I asked a shop assistant if they had another like the one I was holding because the head wasn't on straight. She rammed the brush head on a bit harder and straightened it. So far it has stayed on.

Georgesgran Sun 29-Jan-23 13:10:04

I guess it’s so you can select the type of head and bristle you want - a big one to sweep a stable yard, terrace, driveway or in the garden or a yacht head for tight smaller spaces. Then, when the bristles are worn, you just need replace the head.
Seems more logical - but you could always superglue the head on if you don’t think the fixings are up to the job, then dump the lot when it’s worn out.

silverspoon125 Sun 29-Jan-23 13:38:15

Takes me back to the days when you bought irons, hairdryers, kettles etc hoping someone in the house could fit a plug on it because they weren't fitted on the items then. So some things have improved.

Sago Sun 29-Jan-23 13:49:40

Because the broom wears out and the stick doesn’t.

silverspoon125 Sun 29-Jan-23 13:59:07

Could be Sago makes sense but when I bought a rake for the garden that was attached.

One of life's quirks. I never ever thought I would be discussing "broom andles" 😀

grandtanteJE65 Sat 04-Feb-23 14:06:37

In my experience the broom wears out before the broom handle. I would be miffed if I had, as I often have had, a perfectly good broom handle but had to by a new one because the broom itself needed replacing.

Most brooms have a screw fitting, as does the handle so all you need to do is screw the one into t'other.

FannyCornforth Sat 04-Feb-23 14:19:36

‘Trigger’s Broom’

herringbur Fri 24-Feb-23 04:57:53

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MawtheMerrier Fri 24-Feb-23 06:28:54


Ohmother Fri 24-Feb-23 09:05:51

Yes. I was thinking of Trigger’s wise words for this. 😂

He’d had the same broom for 30 years and only had to change the brush heads a few times. Or something like that. 🤣