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Carpet or not?

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Calendargirl Wed 08-Feb-23 16:40:36

The only carpets we have are in our three bedrooms, rest of house is wooden flooring or cushionfloor.

They are nearly 18 years old, have never been cleaned, and were not particularly expensive.

Discussing with DH the other day, I said we ought to have them professionally cleaned, but he then said, “Why not replace them?

Why not indeed? But do I want carpets? He does, but I hate hoovering and would veer towards flooring and rugs, but he is not keen. Plus just replacing the carpets would be an easier option.

What advice can anyone offer? Carpet or hard flooring in bedrooms?

Should add, one of the carpets has a few stains from spilled body lotion, and the pile on all of them is rather flat now.

HeavenLeigh Wed 08-Feb-23 16:44:23

We have laminate downstairs in our lounge and hall, and dining room but carpets on stairs landing and four bedrooms there’s something to be said for stepping out of bed into nice thick carpets 🤣

HeavenLeigh Wed 08-Feb-23 16:44:38


Callistemon21 Wed 08-Feb-23 16:50:03

My friend had laminate floors laid in the bedrooms and said the noise downstairs was very noticeable if anyone was clattering around upstairs.

Carpet would be warmer unless you have underfloor heating.

CatsCatsCats Wed 08-Feb-23 16:51:18

I got sick to death of carpets when younger as I could never keep them clean. Even after a professional clean, they were as dirty as ever after just a week or two.

With children and with pets and a husband who would never remember to take his shoes off, it's not surprising really.

Since my 40s I have always had laminate flooring downstairs - I still have the mucky husband, pets, and now grandchildren - and it is so much easier to keep clean. The dust shows up more, and it does feel colder but that deep ingrained carpet dirt has gone, at least downstairs.

However, the bedrooms, stairs and landing are carpeted.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 08-Feb-23 16:51:29

We have wooden floors and non-slip rugs everywhere except bathrooms and kitchen. Looks good and easy to hoover and mop. I wouldn’t want to go back to carpets again. I was always horrified at the colour of the water when they were cleaned.

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Feb-23 16:58:56

We've no pets and very clean grandchildren 😂
They are trained to take their shoes off.

Hard floors downstairs apart from the sitting room, carpet upstairs.

Norah Wed 08-Feb-23 17:13:10

Our home is very old, we have varnish finished wooden floors everywhere, except bathrooms. I quick hover daily - dog hair shakes off regardless our floors, but mopping/ good sweep mud and children dirt is easy.

Carpet can get dirty, worn, and soiled, not good for me.

winterwhite Wed 08-Feb-23 17:34:21

Well I never! We have carpets everywhere. We must be a long way behind the times.
I think I'd find wood and rugs cold and slippery. We had the whole house re-carpeted about 12 years ago and only the two of us live here now. No dogs or cats. We have the carpets cleaned every 2 years or so. Thorough vacuum by cleaners once a week, quickly by me in between if needed. I find that OK.

aggie Wed 08-Feb-23 17:34:28

If the amount of fluff dirt and crumbs I get on my wooden floors is anything to go by, carpets must be filthy !

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Feb-23 17:37:13


If the amount of fluff dirt and crumbs I get on my wooden floors is anything to go by, carpets must be filthy !

My vacuum cleaner is the judge - it is powerful.
Why would it not pick up bits, crumbs and fluff?

aggie Wed 08-Feb-23 17:46:19



If the amount of fluff dirt and crumbs I get on my wooden floors is anything to go by, carpets must be filthy !

My vacuum cleaner is the judge - it is powerful.
Why would it not pick up bits, crumbs and fluff?

A quick sweep / damp mop everyday is good on my floors , dragging out the Henry daily isn’t

Callistemon21 Wed 08-Feb-23 17:52:12


If the amount of fluff dirt and crumbs I get on my wooden floors is anything to go by, carpets must be filthy !

We're just filthy then.


pascal30 Wed 08-Feb-23 17:56:12

I have painted wooden floor boards and rugs in my bedrooms, tiled floors in the kitchen and bathroom and fitted carpets in the rest of the house.. I like the mix... and don't find the house noisy or cold.. definitely not a fan of vacuuming but not having pets means it doesn't have to be done very often..

Tenko Wed 08-Feb-23 18:01:06

We have hard floors in our kitchen/ dining / living area . And hall . Carpets upstairs. We have underfloor heating in the bathroom .

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 08-Feb-23 18:27:49

I forgot to say I do have carpet on the stairs for safety but nowhere else.

henetha Wed 08-Feb-23 18:34:31

It's a matter of personal choice.
Personally I detest hard floors, - the noise, the coldness, the lack of cosy softness on your feet, and have carpets everywhere.

kittylester Wed 08-Feb-23 18:44:49

We have carpet everywhere, apart from the hall, but our house has big rooms with high ceilings and would be freezing and echo-ey without carpets but, if it works for you, go for it.

FlexibleFriend Wed 08-Feb-23 18:53:35

I please myself as I couldn't care less what anyone who doesn't live here thinks and I have predominantly carpet with very thick underlay. So the only rooms without carpet are the kitchen, bathroom, utility room, downstairs loo and conservatory all of which are tiled. No laminate anywhere as I can't stand the stuff.

Iam64 Wed 08-Feb-23 18:54:58

We carpeted the stairs landing 4 bedrooms 10 years ago. Carpets still,good, they get cleaned professionally alternate years.
Downstairs wooden floorboards hall and front room, laminate back sitting room, karndean kitchen dining area. Tiles conservatory, utility and front porch. Rugs in downstairs rooms.
I have a large lab. They shed twice a year, October to May and May to October. I have a small well behaved spaniel who often asks me why she has to share her home with That Labrador. She sheds but there’s no comparison with mega puppy. I have a dyson animal which does all downstairs morning and often tea time as well.
I wouldn’t change this - the carpets upstairs, wood down I mean, not the dogs… it’s easy to keep clean. Carpets wouldn’t be

Hithere Wed 08-Feb-23 18:54:58

No carpet for me!

Chocolatelovinggran Wed 08-Feb-23 18:57:37

Now that we are all aware of energy bills, it is true that carpet and underlay provide excellent insulation underfoot.

Franbern Wed 08-Feb-23 18:59:07

In my house I had hard flooring downstairs and carpet on stairs and in all bedrooms.

When I moved into this flat there was carpet everywhere (I mean everywhere - including both en-suite and bathroom). Although I got rid of those area carpet on the day I moved in I decided togive myself a yer todecide whether to have new carpet or hard floor in the Living Room/Hallway.

During that year, I carefully, with al ot of work, cleaned the carpet that was already there, a very good quality but old one. My decision, however was made, when I knocked over a newly m ade tall tumbler of banana milkshake. I mopped this up immediately as best I could.. However, for the next sevcen days I was steam cleaning that area of the carpet, and could still smell that stale milk!!! Had it been a hard floor, it would have taken me five minutes to mop up and wipe up that spillage.

No contest - had Karndean flooring laid, lovely rug. It is not at all slippy, nor cold, - it is in a golden oak colour and looks beautifully warm. So easy to clean, a quick hoover over once a week, particularly around /under dining table. I still spill all sorts of liquids on it, and these are mopped up in a few minutes. Only carpet I have is in my main bedroom, even hard floor and rug in spare bedroom.

karmalady Wed 08-Feb-23 19:00:47

I had quickstep flooring with insulation laid all upstairs, in fact the only carpet I have is hard wearing sisal on the stairs. No chance, ever, of moths hiding in carpets. Last house I could see moth-eaten areas under the bed, when I moved. That was not even wool but was sisal

Rubber castors on beds make them easy to move on quickstep and hence very easy to clean below and behind. You would be shocked at the sheer amount of fluff that accumulates very quickly, easy to see and clean

Iam64 Wed 08-Feb-23 19:02:28

Karndean is expensive but I’d recommend it. If I was starting again, I’d have it throughout downstairs, other than porch, utility, downstairs shower/toilet room `(aka the dog room)