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I hate my hoover!

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Aveline Sat 04-Mar-23 11:06:39

I'm in the middle of a mega hoovering operation prior to moth prevention sprays and tools. Boy oh boy I hate my Dyson ball vacuum cleaner. It's so heavy and unwieldy. Is there any practical alternative vacuum cleaner for a carpeted flat with two long haired cats? (Don't suggest getting rid of 'the boys'. I'd rather have furry carpets than a cat free household)
Would a robot cleaner work?

JaneJudge Sat 04-Mar-23 11:11:08

We have an uptight pet shark which is good with fur and not too heavy

MaizieD Sat 04-Mar-23 11:12:31

My GTech Air Ram cordless is light, manoeuvrable and efficient. They do a pet version. Downside, it has no attachments.

Much better than the two Dysons I had previously.

No doubt others have recommendations.

loopyloo Sat 04-Mar-23 11:14:08

Miele cat and dog. Fairly light.

MerylStreep Sat 04-Mar-23 11:19:42

GTech air ram or a good old Henry.
You’ll never see a Hotel using Dysons, why’s that 🤔

Sara1954 Sat 04-Mar-23 11:23:00

We have a cordless Dyson, which I hate, having loved my previous, much cheaper, versions.
We also have a corded Sebo which is really good.
I’ve never known anyone to like the Dyson ball cleaner.
The Sebo copes pretty well with cat hair.

Hetty58 Sat 04-Mar-23 11:34:41

Don't go for one with the workings (motor and dust cylinder) on the handle! I hate my Shark - as it's relatively light and manoeuvrable, does a good clean - but all the weight is in the worst place. I only use it upstairs.

My Neato robot cleaner wanders around the kitchen/diner and hall picking up the pet hair and crumbs - but I think of it as a floor sweeper - fine on hard floors or for a quick spruce up of carpets - but it'll never pull out the ingrained dust and hairs. The edges and corners still need doing, so for those, the porch and living room, I'm back to using the garage Karcher cylinder.

I've heard good reviews of the Miele, too, so that'll be my next one.

dragonfly46 Sat 04-Mar-23 11:42:11

I too hated my Dyson. I have a Vtech and love it. I did buy an extra battery though so I am never out of charge. I still have an upright plugin Sebo which is also a very good hoover.

Theexwife Sat 04-Mar-23 12:08:22

GTech Air ram, so light and efficient.

Aveline Sat 04-Mar-23 13:03:22

Will investigate all of the above. Thank you. I'm sitting down now. In the midst of my hoovering my Fitbit was in overdrive! This Dyson is just too much for me.

mokryna Sat 04-Mar-23 13:12:54

‘Miele confort’ used with the Turbo attachment ‘booster beater’. Picks up everything and doesn’t hurt the back at all.. It’s a cylinder type so just drag it round. It’s the booster beater that makes the difference.
My daughter has a robot which just dusts the carpet the top

Granny23 Sat 04-Mar-23 13:26:04

I have a ground floor flat so no stairs. If I leave all the doors open My EUFY robot takes about 20 minutes to 'hoover' the entire flat, even under the settee, etc. Although I do not have a cat about 40% of the dust and rubbish collected is long, pale blonde hair, which I presume is mine - I'm surprized that I am not bald yet grin

Urmstongran Sat 04-Mar-23 13:27:30

I hate mine. It’s a cheapie heavy bright yellow upright.
I use it once or twice a year but usually try do something else like the bathroom, while Himself drags it round the laminate flooring. I turn the radio up a bit and close the bathroom door so I don’t even have to listen to it!

Aveline Sat 04-Mar-23 13:28:10

I think I want a robot hoover and a GTech or similar. Anything would be better than this morning's hard labour.

MawtheMerrier Sat 04-Mar-23 13:48:37

My vote goes to Shark too (cordless- it always seems much less of a chore if you don’t have a flex trailing around!)
I used to love my cordless Dyson, it only held its charge for 20 minutes but who wants to Hoover for longer than 20 minutes?
It got tired though and started cutting out. I may take it to bits and wash the filter etc but I have a fear of never getting it together again!

MawtheMerrier Sat 04-Mar-23 13:50:42


Will investigate all of the above. Thank you. I'm sitting down now. In the midst of my hoovering my Fitbit was in overdrive! This Dyson is just too much for me.

Win, win! Think of all that exercise you have clocked up.
Must be worth a sit down, cafe and a biscuit!

Aveline Sat 04-Mar-23 13:53:51

Maw it was seriously awful. Obviously it was more than the usual session as I was really getting going behind and under furniture and moving it but it was dreadful. My heart rate was racing and I was so hot I had to strip down to my semmit! The cats were appalled.

Callistemon21 Sat 04-Mar-23 14:27:34

Boy oh boy I hate my Dyson ball vacuum cleaner. It's so heavy and unwieldy

Me too, especially since I had a shoulder problem.

However, it is more powerful than rechargeable and an upright is the only way to get into edges and corners with a nozzle.
Robot cleaners are ok for picking up a few bits, better on hard floors. Ours stopped working, had a new battery which went again and has gone to the recycling tip.

I'm thinking of getting those cleaners in who do a thorough clean right through then maybe a weekly cleaner.

timetogo2016 Sat 04-Mar-23 14:37:56

I love my Henry,empty after every use to keep it light.

karmalady Sat 04-Mar-23 14:41:52

see if you can get an upright reconditioned sebo, it is so very efficient.

silverlining48 Sat 04-Mar-23 14:47:24

I didn’t like my dyson much either, liked it even less when it broke down. It wasn’t cheap and should have lasted longer. I have a Shark now.

karmalady Sat 04-Mar-23 14:48:02

Aveline, I kept my sebo, it is now used in my garage, I put a rubber floor in there, it is so powerful that I didn`t want to get rid of it

I have roombas, to of them, the 8 series, had them for many years. Very efficient on hard floors and easy carpet but I would not rely on them for pet hair in carpet

I used to have a shark cordless, ok and gave that to a dd. Not that powerful. I now have the bees knees and the best vac I ever had, after sebo. The new dyson detect. I cannot say what it would be like on a hairy carpet but it does have a revolving tool that I should think, would pick up all the hair. I do wash the filter every month, as er the instructions

All in all and being in a place without stairs, the sebo would be best

Grannybags Sat 04-Mar-23 14:49:16

I love my Shark. It's plug in but you can detach the 'vacuuming' bit from the rest which makes it lighter.

AJgranma Sat 04-Mar-23 14:49:28

I have a Eufy robot for downstairs (love him trundling around & under furniture (just have to remember to tuck all the wires out of his way). Plus a gtech upright (so lightweight!) kept upstairs. Also have a gtech hand held thingy with attachments to pick up bits etc. Couldn’t care less whether cleaning is perfect or not!

shysal Sat 04-Mar-23 14:50:28

My oldish mark 1 Gtech no longer picks up the scattered cat litter on my floors, so I have been reading every one of the threads that appear on GN regularly. I wanted a lightweight one that stands up on its own. Luckily I watched a comparison feature on cordless vacuums on This Morning one day last week. The Bosch Flexxo beat the Dyson in a 'clean off'. I have therefore ordered the animal version as I have 2 cats. I shall report back when it comes. I have added a couple of Youtube links.