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Cleaning an AGA

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tiredoldwoman Tue 30-May-23 07:13:50

I'm cleaning a house this morning in the absence of the owner , and have been asked to clean the AGA . Any do's or don'ts ? It's been switched off for the summer so will be cool enough to handle .

NotSpaghetti Tue 30-May-23 07:53:08

NotSpaghetti Tue 30-May-23 07:55:00

NotSpaghetti Tue 30-May-23 08:06:02

I don’t have an aga now but we had a blade for surface foodstuffs (eg under the door edges) a wire brush for the plates, a cream-type cleaner for the enamel and a polisher - which I expect must have been "the rubber".

Here's a video that explains a lot and seens straightforward.

Bella23 Tue 30-May-23 09:43:21

We inherited a filthy AGA and in the end resorted to a minky blade to lift the fat a wire brush for inside the ovens,oven mate for the shelves and the top. We now keep on top of things I expect your friends will not be in this state I would look at the video.