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In praise of Gtech

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eddiecat78 Tue 30-May-23 10:57:30

I had a problem with my 3 year old Gtech cleaner cutting out. I phoned customer support this morning and was put straight through to an advisor. A really helpful lady instructed me how to take various bits apart - whilst she stayed on the phone - so we could pinpoint the problem. It was decided I need a new head unit. I paid her and it's been delivered tomorrow!
I'm slightly stunned by their efficiency! (It's just taken me 2 weeks to get a solicitor to arrange to return our old wills!)

crazyH Tue 30-May-23 11:08:09

Excellent after-sales service ! I don’t have a GTech, but if I do need a new Vacuum cleaner, I shall consider it.

Aveline Tue 30-May-23 11:13:36

I absolutely love my GTech air ram. It's revolutionised my cleaning. So efficient yet light and manoeuvrable.
I got it on the recommendation of several Grans on GN. They weren't wrong. A good company by the sound of Eddiecat's experience.

Aldom Tue 30-May-23 11:24:16

My Gtech AirRam is seven or eight years old. I absolutely love it. They are ideal for anyone who has arthritis in their arms /hands. So light and easy to handle /carry upstairs. Yet powerful enough to do a good job of cleaning carpets and hard floors. Highly recommend. Good to know Customer Service is excellent.

Aldom Tue 30-May-23 11:25:59

I also have the hand held Gtech for the stairs etc.

Theexwife Tue 30-May-23 11:38:25

I wouldn’t have anything else, everything can be repaired easily on them and they are so efficient.

Franbern Tue 30-May-23 12:24:40

Totally agree. I purchased several different makes of vacuum cleaners, from very expensive to much cheaper. None of them ever really did thejob I expected and hoped they would do. Then three and a half years ago my kids gave me the air ram and hand held one for christmas. From the start I knew this was exactly what I had been looking for over the decades.

East to use, light to move, powerful suction, easy to clean, etc. etc. When I was in my house it did both upstairs and downstairs with ease and efficiency and hand held one did stairs very well, and my car. In my flat rarely use the hand one, but it i good to have it. The upright goes with ease over my bedroom carpet the rug in my living room and the hard floors for the rest of the flat, with the handle folded down it stores easily.

Hopefully, will not need replacing,but when it does will probably be by another GTech.

harrysgran Tue 30-May-23 17:26:25

I'm onto my 2nd the first lasted about 12 years I have tried a cheaper cordless but eventually bought another gtech AirRam brilliant suction and light easy to use.

Windee Tue 30-May-23 17:37:08

They were great to me and my Air Ram whilst still under guarantee. It was during lock down and they could pinpoint the problem by listening to it over the phone. I was sent new parts free of charge and a label to return the faulty part to them.

Hellogirl1 Tue 30-May-23 17:42:37

I love my Gtech. When my first one gave up the ghost, I bought a Shark cordless, couldn`t wait to be rid of it, I hated it! Went straight back to Gtech.

grannysyb Tue 30-May-23 18:00:12

Bought an Air Ram a few weeks ago its really good, will be getting the handheld one soon

Tenko Tue 30-May-23 19:21:12

How’s the Gtech for animal hair? . My cordless Dyson has died and I’m not happy with it at all , so I’m looking at others. Thanks

Aveline Tue 30-May-23 20:00:56

We have two Maine Coons. The GTech is great for hoovering up the cat fur and there's lots of it.

nanny2507 Tue 30-May-23 20:38:51

Is it good for pet hair? I've had a dyson, a shark, a van and now a Henry...nothing does a good job. Every couple of weeks I brush my carpet with a dog brush and I could knit a jumper with the hair it removes!

nanny2507 Tue 30-May-23 20:40:11

I mean a vax not a van!

MayBee70 Wed 31-May-23 13:08:54

I’m always making wrong decisions when it comes to purchasing things but have never regretted buying my GTech Especially the small hand held one that came with it. It’s up there with my Vileda super mop.

mumski Wed 31-May-23 13:56:13

I'm thinking of ditching my Dyson. I just had a quick look at Gtech's website. Has anyone got the airRam platinum which is supposed to have an anti hair wrapping design?
What did you think of it? Did it work well?

shysal Wed 31-May-23 14:44:46

The Gtech customer service is excellent. A piece sheared off my grass trimmer and they sent a new complete head, free of charge, which I fitted easily.

womblekelly Fri 02-Jun-23 11:14:37

Love GTech … have their cordless lawnmower as well and as others have said their customer service is excellent

Franbern Fri 02-Jun-23 11:50:56

Maybee saw your mention of Vileda mop. Think that is the one I have, - water, etc sprays at bottom, fill up the handle. With vinyl or laminate flooring, this is really a wonder. So quick, efficient and easy to use, change the mop head each time, which goes directly into washing machine and then is re-used over and over again. Such a simple idea and makes such a difference.

It is things like this Vileda mop and GTech vacuum which has changed the housekeeping and cleaning habits and made them all so very easy for us. WHen awards are being handed out I often wish there were some to teams that invent these sort of things.

MayBee70 Fri 02-Jun-23 12:03:26

I remember how excited I was when I bought my first super mop! Not only do I use them for mopping the floor ( I still buy the original mop ones) but I keep a new one to clean hard to reach areas of cobwebs etc and any old ones are kept just in case I need something I can throw away afterwards if I need a plunger to unblock something.

Youngeil Fri 02-Jun-23 12:04:17

I would second the praise for GTech Customer Service. Our AirRam was 6 or 7 years old and was getting sluggish, husband phoned and was told we needed a new motor which they sent, free and gratis. Now like a completely new machine. Like Trigger's broom!

grandMattie Fri 02-Jun-23 12:12:21

Sounds great. Tipping me towards one as I have decided to ditch my Dyson ball as it’s too heavy now, also I have moved to a tiny flat, it’s redundant.

Dillonsgranma Fri 02-Jun-23 12:16:21

I’m very impressed with gtech too. When mine kept cutting out they listened carefully over the phone and then sent me a whole new base unit free of charge. They also patiently told me how to take the old one off to send back to them. The filter needs cleaning regularly so that it works to full power but that is easy to do . I’m really glad I bought it. My old dyson was so heavy

MrsAF Fri 02-Jun-23 12:31:15

GTech customer service is the best I’ve ever come across. They replaced my handheld the following day when I had an issue & when I snapped the vacuum 🙈