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Smelly dishwasher

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Luckygirl3 Wed 08-Nov-23 10:50:42

Just that really. I have cleaned filters, used a dishwasher cleaner, tried bicarb and vinegar ....
I have a biodigestor so cannot send anything toxic down the drain.
Any ideas?

Grannytomany Wed 08-Nov-23 11:15:57

I had the same problem and unfortunately nothing I did got rid of the smell which was there even when the dishwasher was empty. Defeated, I recently replaced it with a new one. Drastic but not regretted.

Luckygirl3 Wed 08-Nov-23 11:27:20

This is a pretty new dishwasher - only 2 years old, so there should be no problem with it.

crazyH Wed 08-Nov-23 11:34:19

My dishwasher is more than 10 years old. I never ever keep the door shut tight. I place a folded tea towel on the door, which prevents the door from shutting tight. Fresh air circulation is the key …

Luckygirl3 Wed 08-Nov-23 11:59:48

I wish it was circulating fresh air! It is circulating stinky air! But I will get a clothes peg for my nose and try leaving the door open a bit!

Bakingmad0203 Wed 08-Nov-23 12:09:01

I have the same problem Luckygirl3
In the past I have had dishwashers which haven’t smelt like this one. This dishwasher is one year old and it’s a Siemens. I always rinse everything before putting it in the dishwasher and like you I have tried using a dishwasher cleaner, which works for a few washes and then the smell is back again.
I have also tried leaving the door slightly open but that makes the kitchen smell.
Sorry I have no solution for you!

Aveline Wed 08-Nov-23 12:18:55

Since we changed to Fairy platinum the smell has disappeared. I forgot about the smell till I read this thread and reminded me. It used to be horrible.

annodomini Tue 28-Nov-23 22:38:54

I haven't ever had the problem of a smelly dishwasher, but I have always been fussy about cleaning the filters which I had to explain to the younger generation when they complained about their dishwasher.

Oopsadaisy1 Wed 29-Nov-23 06:31:33

Have you checked the underside of the bottom of the door? (Inside) I have to scrape stuff off from under there where it collects in a thick sludge under the seal, I use a teaspoon handle, even the dishwasher cleaner can’t get under there.

Esmay Wed 29-Nov-23 11:17:09

I rinse my dishes prior to washing .

Put a cut lemon or lime in the the cutlery holder works for me .
I sometimes give the inside a good wipe with lemon juice .
And keeping the door shut isn't a great idea .