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So pleased with this carpet sweeper!

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Witzend Tue 28-Nov-23 13:42:21

It’s really for a dd - until she gets around to changing it, she’s got a plain maroon carpet that’s a nightmare for showing every tiny bit, and when we went round the other day her hoover was blocked up, bits everywhere - it took her and her DP an hour to unblock it!

So I’ve bought this Bissell ‘sturdy Sweep’ - very lightweight and only about £22 - will be an extra 🎄present. I’ve been trying it out here (we had to assemble the handle) and it’s amazing at picking up everything, hard floors as well as carpets. 🙂

BlueBelle Tue 28-Nov-23 13:59:39

We had a carpet sweeper donated at work and I often use that instead of the hoover and find it better I wouldn’t mind getting myself one actually my hoovers useless

Redhead56 Tue 28-Nov-23 21:19:57

I remember my mum having one of them years ago they were good then but a vacuum cleaner became the trend.

annodomini Tue 28-Nov-23 22:27:28

I've had several carpet sweepers over the years and the best, by far, was my G-tech electric carpet sweeper which I managed to break and haven't replaced, though I'm considering getting a G-tech vacuum cleaner.

25Avalon Tue 28-Nov-23 22:44:52

I’ve been toying with getting one of these. Think you’ve helped make up my mind Witzend. I have lots of carpet and this would save getting the vac out every time there’s a small patch. Is it any good for dog hair?

aonk Wed 29-Nov-23 11:03:57

I ordered a carpet sweeper during the lockdown. DH was working at home and I was fed up with waiting until the evening or weekend to do the hoovering. It worked very well. Now I just use it for a quick clean up.

Redhead56 Wed 29-Nov-23 19:10:19

GSM thanks x

henetha Wed 29-Nov-23 23:30:37

I bought one a couple of years ago and it's marvellous. So quick and easy and lightweight. I use it every day to make sure the living room looks decent, and the vacuum only twice a week now.
I do have a chronic back, so I'm not just being lazy.

Diggingdoris Sat 02-Dec-23 11:14:15

I'm on my fourth Gtech sweeper. Had my first one the year they came out. Couldn't live without it. A quick flick over the carpets every day means I only hoover once a week. Picks up dog hair really well.

Philippa111 Sat 02-Dec-23 11:31:20

Great piece if kit. I use mine a lot with occasional vacuuming for deeper dirt.

Summerfly Sat 02-Dec-23 12:14:06

I can remember my aunt having a ewbank carpet sweeper back in the ‘50’s. I thought it was amazing then 😄

Redhead56 Sat 02-Dec-23 13:06:01

I don't hoover anymore my DH does in between I often brush the carpet. Especially when GC come around to keep dog hairs down. I decided to buy a sweeper as mentioned my mum had one. With no effort I swept over the carpet for less than five minutes. I couldn't believe the amount of dog hairs it had collected so I am impressed.

Irismarle Sat 02-Dec-23 13:23:40


I've had several carpet sweepers over the years and the best, by far, was my G-tech electric carpet sweeper which I managed to break and haven't replaced, though I'm considering getting a G-tech vacuum cleaner.

I also have the G-Tech battery carpet sweeper which I bought after a friend recommended it and it is great. I then bought the cordless G -Tech vacuum cleaner thinking it would be good too but I don’t like it as it’s heavy and doesn’t pick up well so it just sits in the cupboard.

Aldom Sat 02-Dec-23 13:28:53

Irismarle I've never heard the Gtech cordless vacuum cleaner described as heavy before. Mine is about seven years old and I love it. Even with my stiff painful arthritic hands I could, if I wanted to, carry the cleaner on just two fingers.

Aldom Sat 02-Dec-23 13:30:49

PS. I wonder if the filter is dirty if your Gtech isn't picking up well. No similar issues with mine unless it is full or the filter needs to be cleaned.

Auntieflo Sat 02-Dec-23 14:02:41

Summerfly. We also had a Ewbank, as a wedding gift back in 1961. It was the best and lasted many years. I was sorry to see it go. Now the Gtech is a brilliant tool. I Use it between visits from our cleaner when she uses the Miele vac.

4allweknow Sat 02-Dec-23 14:13:22

Had a Bex Bissell carpet sweeper when first married. Also a dust pan and brush for doing stairs. No wonder I was very slim then! Took 4 years to save for a hoover type.

Tish Sat 02-Dec-23 16:02:34

I’m still using my mums ewbank, it’s at least 40 years old and still works perfectly!

Kathmaggie Sat 02-Dec-23 16:13:13

Gran had a carpet sweeper - she found it so reliable. I liked to help to empty it by pressing the button on the top and all the mess landing on newspaper! I find it interesting that so many of us refer to the act of vacuuming as hoovering. There are lots of different makes of vac on the market these days but we still say we’re hoovering!

Niucla97 Sat 02-Dec-23 16:55:14

Brought back memories. My Mum would never go to bed until the place was tidy. No cups in the sink, newspapers etc put away, cushions plumped up and the Ewbank was put over the carpet !

Amalegra Sat 02-Dec-23 22:17:09

So pleased to read this! I will be looking to buy this Bissell carpet sweeper! I have a cordless Dyson which is all very good and easy to use but the convenience of something like this would be great. I live alone so my place does not get overly messy but I still like it to look spick and span. I also have always hated hoovering. So this might be a handy little tool to put off the dreaded task!

Whiff Sat 02-Dec-23 22:41:18

I have owned carpet sweepers since 1981 when I got married. My parents always had one as well as a vac.. My grandsons fight over who is going to use it. The great thing is the handle being in parts I can make it smaller for the 3 yr old. Also had Bissell one. Lost count how many I have had over the years but would never be without one.

Cid24 Tue 05-Dec-23 08:21:55

I agree!