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Have you begun your Christmas Decorations yet ?

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Frenchgalinspain Mon 04-Dec-23 16:54:25

We have started our main livingroom .. which includes our fireplace.

(Photo below) ..

Louella12 Mon 04-Dec-23 16:58:47

That looks just gorgeous 😍

Ours are up. Makes everywhere look so pretty.

Oreo Mon 04-Dec-23 17:00:29

Wow that’s spectacular! Do you live in a stately home? Is that you Camilla?😁
No, haven’t had time yet but will try and put some Christmassy bits up next weekend.

supergirlsnan Mon 04-Dec-23 17:06:45

May start tomorrow. OP yours are beautiful.

OldFrill Mon 04-Dec-23 17:08:07

Up on 22nd down on 29th

ginny Mon 04-Dec-23 17:08:08

That looks lovely .
Our middle daughter has her birthday on 11 th December. When she was a child we never put up Christmas decorations before that. The tradition is s held as she is most often at our home in her birthday. Actually I wouldn’t put them up much earlier anyway. 3 weeks is quite long enough.

winterwhite Mon 04-Dec-23 17:08:52

Nothing doing here till the 15th/16th, but enjoy, enjoy you early starters.

AreWeThereYet Mon 04-Dec-23 17:15:12

Nope, not till the week before Christmas.

Every other house in the street is covered in lights inside and out - we're the black hole of Calcutta 😄 I guess not so many people are worried about their bills after all.

Gin Mon 04-Dec-23 17:18:00

Not until the weekend before 25, then they will be fresh and sparkly and we will not be tired of them by Twelfth Night.

My Mum would not let us put them up before Christmas Eve after cleaning the house from top to bottom. But each to his own!

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 04-Dec-23 17:23:17

Absolutely spectacular!

I have put up the tree in the hall and the wreath on the gate (door is glass). Hopefully my husband will put up the outside tree tomorrow - depends on the weather. I then have to tackle the living room and stairs. It’s not that I put up vast quantities of decorations, just that my motivation is somewhat lacking!

nadateturbe Mon 04-Dec-23 17:26:39

definitely not.

Callistemon21 Mon 04-Dec-23 17:29:17

Lovely Frenchgalinspain 🎄
Not yet, the DD and DGC will do the honours this year, we hope!

Ps the dog looks very cosy on his cushion 🙂

kittylester Mon 04-Dec-23 17:32:54

Our children finished school for Christmas at lunchtime, usually about a week before Christmas. We always got fish and chips for lunch then decorated the tree.

Now it's a bit piecemeal. Our non tree is up and the gardener delivered the door wreath yesterday but that's it upto now. Our door wreath is on the porch wall as the door is a bit odd.

MiniMoon Mon 04-Dec-23 17:33:54

I've just come back from a weekend away in Harrogate. I plan to make a start tomorrow. We bought some new lights for the hall. I'm itching to hang them up.

kittylester Mon 04-Dec-23 17:35:35

Forgot the photo.

fancythat Mon 04-Dec-23 17:36:47

I can assure you, our decorations will not look anything like yours Frenchgalinspain.
Tree has been brought in. That is as far as we have got.

AreWeThereYet - only 2 houses going into the local town were lit up a few days ago. Way less than normal. I think cost of living has bitten around our way.

kittylester Mon 04-Dec-23 17:42:13

Oooh and an advent calendar and a poinsettia. Going great guns here.

Casdon Mon 04-Dec-23 17:42:29

Not yet, I’ve not got any decorations up, just Advent calendars. The only thing that’s smelling of Christmas so far is my new Winter Spice scented Zoflora (which smells lovely). My daughter’s home on 15th, we will do all the decorating that weekend,

Jaxjacky Mon 04-Dec-23 17:46:26

Not until next week, on the 13th, MrJ’s late fathers birthday, ready for the grandchildren staying on the 15th.

grandtanteJE65 Mon 04-Dec-23 17:51:05

For the first time ever, I have started this early. I needed to do things differently this year, as DH died recently.

So a low key Christmas ahead, but I have put up fairy lights in the windows facing the road.

Lexisgranny Mon 04-Dec-23 18:07:04

We spent yesterday afternoon untangling a box of newly purchased lights. We spent this afternoon attempting to hang them up. Or to be more accurate DH hung them, I offered constructive advice. (Note to self -Do not become swayed by pictures on boxes, it probably had a cast of thousands making them look like that.). Even untangled they still managed to get themselves twisted into impossible shapes.

Incidently a few years back, our largest supermarket advertised for someone to untangle lights. What a glutton for punishment

henetha Mon 04-Dec-23 18:16:59

Not just yet. Too soon for me.

Callistemon21 Mon 04-Dec-23 18:20:38

Lexisgranny 😂
We have that joy to come!

AskAlice Mon 04-Dec-23 18:21:24

Ours were put up at the weekend, 1st weekend of December as usual. We have the tree, tinsel on the bannisters of the staircase and various bits on shelves that the GC have made over the years.

Our wall and ceiling decorations are very old retro. They are the ones my mum and dad had for yonks that I rescued when my dear dad died, red gold and green foil garlands and hanging ceiling lanterns. My two DDs insist that we put them up every year - I think they are more attached to them now than we are even though it makes our living room and dining room look like a Chinese restaurant!

Germanshepherdsmum Mon 04-Dec-23 18:29:44

Tinsel and ceiling decorations? 😱. Takes me back to the 1950s.