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The annual pre 🎄polishing of my copper bowl…

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Witzend Tue 05-Dec-23 10:35:32

I only use it at Christmas, for an arrangement of greenery stuck into Oasis. It’s an antique, bought in the Middle East, so was always very bashed and dented - it had handles so I think it may have been a cooking pot to be used over an open fire.

I started yesterday with some wash-off copper polish, but OMG, such hard work to make any difference -it was so badly tarnished.
In the end I resorted to Pink Stuff and steel wool - the difference!! I did give it a final shine-up with Brasso wadding - it’s all ready to go now. I just need to nick some holly - there’s loads this year along my usual circular walk. 🙂

Redhead56 Tue 05-Dec-23 10:47:39

We live over the road from an old railway line now woods and country park. I go there for my holly and other foraged things spring and summer too enjoy your walk.

kittylester Tue 05-Dec-23 10:57:53

Tomato sauce works a treat!!

Primrose53 Tue 05-Dec-23 15:53:10

I had quite a few bits of copper which came from my inlaws who lived in an old farmhouse where this stuff looked the part.

I had a big copper kettle, a set of copper jugs and some copper jelly moulds but they all went to the charity shop.

maytime2 Wed 06-Dec-23 08:43:13

The town where I live had a copper industry from the 18th Century. To clean the copper they used to send a cart around the houses to collect the urine. My mother had 2 round pots made of copper. She did once soak them in urine to get them to shine. It did work !

Bella23 Wed 06-Dec-23 09:17:02

My MIL gave me an old big odly shaped brass pot.
I took it home cleaned it up and filled it with holly. She visited and noticed it and THEN told me it had come out of a Victorian Mental Institute that was closing down.
We never did get on and I often wondered if it had been a joke played on me. I told a friend and she just laughed and said she had been displaying her winter leaves in an old glass container donated by her MIL and someone had told her it was an old glass urinal bottle, looking at the shape of my brass one we decided it had been a bedpan.blush

JackyB Wed 06-Dec-23 09:47:48

Vinegar and salt for cleaning copper. However, although that brings it up lovely with little effort, I am worried that is is eroding away the copper with the chemical reaction. That pink stuff might be wearing it away simply by abrasion.

JackyB Wed 06-Dec-23 09:49:08

Between times, it might help to seal it in cling film so the air doesn't get to it to cause tarnishing.

Witzend Wed 06-Dec-23 10:45:34

Yes, I did think of erosion, , JackyB, but given that I only use and polish it once a year I’m not going to lose any sleep over it!

Oreo Wed 06-Dec-23 13:28:38

I thought this was going to be a comedy thread from the title.

Never had anything made of copper so didn’t know it needed polishing, sounds like hard work.Mum used to have a few brass things around the house but got rid of them due to all the cleaning needed now she’s older. Does Brasso work on copper?