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Fringe Sat 24-Feb-24 16:16:34

Hi I am new to this but I must say I have found some of the threads very interesting and helpful.
My husband and I are looking to relocate to one of the above areas later this year but we cannot make our minds up, even though we have visited and stayed in Suffolk and Norfolk a few times. Haven't been to Lincolnshire but plan to go up in April.
We were looking at areas like Wainsfleet, Orby, Spilsby or Anderby Creek in Lincolnshire. Blundeston, or Lowestoft in Suffolk but haven't really found anything we like in Norfolk as yet.
Can anyone tell me anything about the areas I have mentioned or can recommend any other areas that are nice or should avoid?

Glorianny Sat 24-Feb-24 16:21:45

I don't know Lincolnshire that well. But I would warn anyone looking at that area of the East Coast to check carefully for flooding. Some of it is very low lying.

Cossy Sat 24-Feb-24 16:22:22

Quite a few places in Lincolnshire to avoid around the Boston area and Mabelthorpe and Skegness, but there are some lovely villages too, especially around Bourne and on the Norfolk/Lincs border. We love most of Norfolk, we’ve stayed lots of times and are considering relocating from Essex to Norfolk. We have stayed in many areas, Heacham and Sherringham have lovely beaches, Thetford Forest is surrounded by little villages and we also like areas around Kings Lynn and Swaffham and love Norwich. In Suffolk we love the areas around Constable country, Essex/Suffolk border and Southwold.

Good luck in your search.

nandad Sat 24-Feb-24 16:30:03

Anywhere that is walking distance to shops with good public transport.
Can’t really advise about the areas you are interested in, sorry.

SusieB50 Sat 24-Feb-24 16:31:40

DD and family live in Norfolk . They moved from London about two years ago. They live in a village on Suffolk/ Norfolk boarders. It’s very nice but not so cheap as it was . Really not for me though as there is absolutely no proper transport links once you’ve gone away from the towns.
I have a friend lives near Lincoln, flooding a big issues in the surrounding villages too.

Calendargirl Sat 24-Feb-24 16:47:18

Just be aware, Lincolnshire is the second largest county and is very rural.

Many market towns and villages have poor bus services, hospitals can be miles away, hardly any
shops or banks. Try getting an NHS dentist.

Once you can’t drive……..

It’s not all ‘Escape To The Country’.

luluaugust Sat 24-Feb-24 16:51:13

As far as Lincolnshire is concerned I only know the Louth, Horncastle, Sutton on Sea area. All pleasant smallish towns but the transport links are not great. You also need to consider travelling for hospitals etc. I don't know where you are at present but there is no 'big smoke" in that area. With Norfolk I can only comment on North Norfolk, which can be expensive. We have visited very frequently and in different circumstances this is probably where we would live, again all the facilities where we do live aren't necessarily available there. Good luck.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 24-Feb-24 16:55:26

North Norfolk is lovely but parts are very expensive. Public transport is patchy (none where we live) so you have to be able to drive in some areas. Hospitals are a considerable distance away. We have no banks or shops nearby. Private dentist is 5 miles away as are shops and GP. Yet it is a very popular retirement area. We love it - at present.

silverlining48 Sat 24-Feb-24 17:03:05

Havnt been to Lincolnshire but think it will be a fair bit cheaper than your other choices .
I know Norfolk snd Suffolk reasonably well and like both.

Fringe Sat 24-Feb-24 17:04:08

We live in Medway Kent very built up now and so busy which is why we thought we would move up country a bit. I am 57 and my husband 61 so it's a good point when a few of you have mentioned to look at things like transport links, doctors etc. We do tend to look at what is around when we view properties on line on the map too.

silverlining48 Sat 24-Feb-24 17:09:15

I don’t live far from you Fringe snd understand why you might want to move. We looked at Suffolk snd Norfolk ourselves some years ago but put it off and now it’s too late, can’t face that upheaval, whereas you are the right age to make a move to somewhere peaceful and not so crowded. Go for it. Good luck.

cornergran Sat 24-Feb-24 17:10:39

We know Suffolk and Norfolk well although some years since we’ve lived there we visit regularly. If we went back my heart would take me to one of the Broads villages, my head would direct us to either the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds or a village within easy travelling distance. Public transport is best described as patchy and yes, it can be necessary to travel many miles for hospital treatment.

It’s all down to individual preference. Keep in mind the need for access to a GP, a hospital, bank, post office, grocery shopping and general day to day basics. We loved living in both Norfolk and Suffolk and would return in a heartbeat if our family lived that side of the country.

Happy hunting fringe. All the best.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 24-Feb-24 17:17:39

A heads up on the Broads area - there has been a lot of flooding there recently, and still is. In other areas too but fortunately not near us. Something to consider very carefully.

luluaugust Sat 24-Feb-24 17:24:57

Fringe we live quite near to you and I can well understand what you are saying, we won't move now but you are a good age to do it, however, it really will be a much quieter life, is that what you really want.

Fringe Sat 24-Feb-24 17:34:27

I like the thought of a good community, with maybe a village hall than run different things. I do like the thought of a quieter life, do you mean as in surroundings luluaugust

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 24-Feb-24 17:37:17

May I add that as a child I liked Lowestoft, where we had lovely bucket and spade holidays. I wouldn’t touch it with a bargepole now, a poor area with the demise of the fishing industry and much crime reported in the local paper.

Maybe take out a subscription to the Eastern Daily Press to get a flavour of the area.

Primrose53 Sat 24-Feb-24 17:43:26

Parts of Suffolk are very pretty and we regularly stay in the Southwold area but it is very expensive. Lincolnshire is cheaper but boringly flat although the Lincs Wolds are very nice.

Norfolk reigns supreme though because I am Norfolk born and bred. north Norfolk is beautiful but very expensive right on the coast. Go inland maybe 10 miles and prices are more affordable. It really is quite unspoilt and I regularly speak to people from places like Derby, Leicester and Birmingham who say they would move here in a heartbeat because it is so much quieter than where they live.

Fringe Sat 24-Feb-24 17:48:17

*Germanshepherdsmum *what area are you in Norfolk? I shall bare that in mind what you say regarding Lowestoft too and the Broads too thank you.

SusieB50 Sat 24-Feb-24 17:49:00


Just be aware, Lincolnshire is the second largest county and is very rural.

Many market towns and villages have poor bus services, hospitals can be miles away, hardly any
shops or banks. Try getting an NHS dentist.

Once you can’t drive……..

It’s not all ‘Escape To The Country’.

Quite it’s not all hunky dory in the country!
I like where I live in Greater London . DD would love me to move -“you would love it Mum” Each to their own …

luluaugust Sat 24-Feb-24 17:52:20

Yes Fringe definitely quieter than NW Kent and Medway! No A2 and M25 for a start. I hope you find somewhere you like

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 24-Feb-24 17:55:51


*Germanshepherdsmum *what area are you in Norfolk? I shall bare that in mind what you say regarding Lowestoft too and the Broads too thank you.

I’m not far from Blakeney, Cley and Holt. I’m afraid those areas are very pricy. Near the sea but not so close as to be threatened by coastal erosion, which is a very big problem to be aware of.

Nandalot Sat 24-Feb-24 17:58:22

We live in a pretty village south of Lincoln but a warning if you are looking at at the Anderby Creek area or any of the coastal areas, they are quite tedious to get to, Although we love going to Chapel St. Leonard’s beach, we often don’t bother because of the drive as it takes ages and the roads as you get near to the coast are tedious.

Fringe Sat 24-Feb-24 18:07:41

Thank you for all the comments so far. I'm going to read them through and make some notes.
As my husband and I are not retirement age we may need to find a little job so Lincolnshire may possibly be harder not only to find one but maybe get to one if we live too far out. We do both drive but like you say tedious Nandalot

Norah Sat 24-Feb-24 18:14:17

Bury St Edmunds is lovely.

Norah Sat 24-Feb-24 18:16:52

Cockley Cley?