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truman Fri 01-Mar-24 11:21:36

Has anyone ever put a tubular heater in a toilet?. The toilet is in a conservatory (separate door) so it gets cold out there. It is not used that much so I just need something cheap to run which will heat it a bit. I was thinking of one on a stand which I can remove when the weather gets warmer. The heater would be plugged into a socket in the conservatory. I know people put them in airing cupboards. One with a timer would be useful. It is not possible to add a radiator out there. I just wanted peoples opinion of them. Thanks

Hetty58 Fri 01-Mar-24 14:29:27

We had one at the last house in a similar situation. It was mounted low on the wall, under the towel rail. A hole had been drilled through the doorframe for the electrical cord (they must have removed the plug) so it was plugged in at a socket in the conservatory. It stopped the pipes from freezing, took the chill off - and helped dry the hand towel above it. It did get warm but not hot enough to be a hazard for the children. I think it was left on all the time as it was a very low wattage.