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j08 Mon 25-Feb-13 14:53:29

meatballs from Ikea? confused

Neither would I.

Elegran Mon 25-Feb-13 14:57:53

I've eaten their meatballs in their cafe and they were rather good. They must have been using the thoroughbred mince.

absent Mon 25-Feb-13 14:58:04

I wouldn't buy meatballs from anywhere when it takes about 7 minutes to make them from scratch at what is probably about half the price.

absent Mon 25-Feb-13 14:58:35

Actually, I wouldn't buy anything at all from IKEA.

vampirequeen Mon 25-Feb-13 15:06:36

I'm wondering if the bonus meat is why they taste so nice grin

bookdreamer Mon 25-Feb-13 15:32:51

I love Ikea and their meatballs.

matson Mon 25-Feb-13 15:36:43

i agree with absent, won,t buy anything from ikea, especially meat!

janthea Mon 25-Feb-13 15:59:29

Never shop in IKEA.

Bags Mon 25-Feb-13 16:14:24

Minced thoroughbreds, eh, elegran? wink

Gally Mon 25-Feb-13 16:16:55

I've got an Ikea kitchen

j08 Mon 25-Feb-13 16:18:33

Now see what you've done! hmm

j08 Mon 25-Feb-13 16:18:58

I had an MFI one for years gally. smile

JessM Mon 25-Feb-13 16:36:53

Sitting on an IKEA chair. A design classic.
They do cooked breakfasts for 99p and their cafe is very busy.
Their fabrics are lovely I think.
You can see why Habitat shops went bust when you go to IKEA - they do the same thing, for half the price, with more choice and less affectation (no celebrity designers etc).

nanaej Mon 25-Feb-13 16:40:53

why not Ikea absent? Cheap and cheerful if a bit convoluted to get to stuff!

gracesmum Mon 25-Feb-13 16:43:45

Hej! Schveeidsch meatbals, ja!
Not to mention Gravadlax, herrings or gaffelbitter and I swear by Billy bookcases. What's not to like? As long as you've got your satnav or GPS app so that you can find your way out again, no problem!

absent Mon 25-Feb-13 17:03:10

The shop is a total nightmare. I was very near to a state of collapse the first and last time I ever went there. The less than lovely desk and bookshelf unit thing bought for my daughter was missing one small but vital piece. Unfortunately, it was so small it didn't have a catalogue number so no amount of telephone calls could obtain it. The whole thing went to the scrap heap unused and unmourned.

Bez Mon 25-Feb-13 17:10:01

Nothing like their wardrobes if you kit them out- they do give you loads of storage and the wooden drawers for the wide wardrobes are great - run so easily too. They need toe be put together properly and the large stuff is better not moved - we left metres of wardrobes in our last house and the buyers were delighted with the storage provided. Some of their folding boxes are good too - I have some for keeping the scarves and gloves etc sorted.

nanaej Mon 25-Feb-13 17:10:41

Oh dear absent..I can see why you have been put off! I have had happier experiences though you have to be strong willed not to buy lots of unnecessary kitchen items!

Ariadne Mon 25-Feb-13 17:33:09

I love IKEA! It now means a trip to Bristol, about which I have to think, particularly since Theseus hates IKEA. But even a potter round the market place bit cheers me up. And, as I'm vegetarian, the meatballs are something beyond my ken.

I shall IKEA.

Ariadne Mon 25-Feb-13 17:34:20

PS - I also loathe John Lewis! (Ducks below parapet)

Galen Mon 25-Feb-13 17:44:37

If you come up, call on me. I'm only 5mins off the Gordano junction!

Galen Mon 25-Feb-13 17:45:37

Don't talk to me about John leis!angry still no washing machine and no joy with JL.

nanaej Mon 25-Feb-13 17:46:41

ariadne shockgrin

kittylester Mon 25-Feb-13 17:52:10

We went on Sunday, silly idea as most of the rest of Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire were there too. Although he didn't partake this time, DH loves the meatballs. At one stage we used to bulk buy the packet meatball sauce as DD3 loved it on homemade meatballs confused

glammanana Mon 25-Feb-13 17:52:55

I do shop at Ikea I love their very very long TV units which have two sets of drawers underneath everything you need in your lounge can be stored in them so the place always look's tidy.We bought DSs quilt covers there yrs ago and they are still going strong on DGSs beds now over 15yrs later excellent cotton,and never washed out.

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