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Interim Residence Order and admission to school

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lizzieb Wed 22-Jun-11 16:46:45

Are there any grandparents out there who might be able to advise me. My son has an interim Residence Order from the County Court pending a full hearing later this year. CAFCASS are involved. He has come from another Local Authority area where his mum lives. My grandson is happily settled in the local nursery and my son is anxious (as are we) that our grandson should go up to year 1 in this same school. He has settled so well in this lovely school and his progress has been phenomenal. He has now been with my son for well over 6 months. We are told the school cannot register him until my son is granted full residence. This hearing may well go on into much later in the year which would mean my grandson would miss the autumn term admissions. I cannot find any legislation to support this advice, and we would like to challenge this.

Notsogrand Wed 22-Jun-11 17:13:34

Hello lizzieb, has your son enquired whether the school will accept your grandson as a temporary registration? Then they are not committed to anything ahead of the Court making its final decision. There must be a way around this.
It would not be in the child's emotional,developmental or social best interests to miss out on the start of the school year. Depending upon the other parties involved, IRO's can run and run. It could be well into next year before this is resolved in the Courts.
I would certainly ask the school to consider the 'child's best interests' aspect as this is at the heart of the legislation governing the welfare of children.
It may also be worth contacting CAFCSS to see if the GAL will come on board with this and lend their support in getting the school to re-consider.
Good luck with getting this sorted in the few remaining weeks of this term. Your grandson has as much right as any child his age to know where he'll be going to school in September, and to be supported and prepared for this.

Heather Wed 22-Jun-11 18:20:26

and if your son willingly kept his boy out of school for an entire term he would be legally amiss ... this situation is plain crazy!
I'm sorry I have no experience of this but I am sending my best wishes your way

Littlelegs Thu 23-Jun-11 09:05:47

Hello lizzieb
Write to the school governors directly 'childs best interest'. Also you could write to the local education authority for their assistance is keeping
your grandson at the same school. If your GS has a social worker assigned it might be worth getting their supoort too.

lizzieb Thu 23-Jun-11 14:31:18

Dear Notsogrand, Heather and Littlelegs
Thank you all for your most welcome comments and helpful suggestions. You have given us some ideas to pursue. Will keep in touch to let you know how it goes. All the best