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Bellesnan Sun 07-Aug-11 19:00:10

While I was out with friends on Friday I had a mob phone message to ring my local branch of Lloyds. Trying to eat an ice-cream, listen to the message and take down the relevant number was very difficult but I am a woman so can multi-task! After giving some info known only to me it transpired that a cheque for a four figure number that I paid in through the hole in the wall some three weeks ago had been floating around in clearing and had not hit my account. I do on-line banking but there were a lot of ins and outs around that time what with paying bills and holiday payments so I missed out on the fact that a building society cheque had not been paid in - failed at multi-tasking for once! I have also complained earlier this year that although I completed a form a couple of years ago saying that I was not a tax payer anymore, it would seem that you have to let them know this for every account you hold and have subsequently been taxed on interest for a savings account. No wonder the banks are struggling to find friends.

em Mon 08-Aug-11 09:38:19

Not quite a banking error but maybe relevant. I'd love to know whether this is fact or fiction so perhaps someone out there can help. I've been told that, in the unlikely event that you are mugged and marched off to the nearest ATM to hand over cash, you can deal with it like this. Enter your 4number pin in reverse. The bank computers pick this up immediately and the police are alerted. Sounds too good to be true but wonder if it's some urban myth?

glammanana Mon 08-Aug-11 10:49:00

Even if that is wrong information at the minute it certainly is a good idea,it
is such a good idea that the Banks would probably dismis it