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Is it fair to have to pay just to notify change of address to an insurance company?

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Sbagran Thu 08-Sep-11 20:15:13

Hi folks!
I am so incensed angry- we have just moved house and now live about three miles from our old address in what I would honestly describe as a comparable area.
My husband rang our motor insurance company this afternoon to notify them of the change of address.
Our premium went up by £9 per year because of the change of postcode - can't really see why but not really bothered.
However, he was then told there would be a £25 admin fee for changing the address details on our policy! He rang a different car insurance company asking for a quote and told them why we were considering changing companies only to be told that they too charge £25 admin fee for a change of address! OK we wouldn't get that charge as we would be starting at our new address but it is the principle!
I don't know if Gransnetters are allowed to recommend a car insurance company by name but would appreciate any subtle clues if anyone knows of one that doesn't rip you off! We have transferred our energy accounts etc with no admin charge so why for motor insurance?

absentgrana Fri 09-Sep-11 13:19:19

What a cheek! Sorry, don't have a car these days, so don't have car insurance.

glammanana Fri 09-Sep-11 13:23:09

Sbagran When we took out our car insurance last year the company made a mistake on the of our car,on the internet I put a Y and when the policy arrived it was a V,DH who deal's with this did not notice and just filed it with his other paper's in the car,only when he was stopped by Police did the mistake come to life,as he was registered as having no insurance,this was rectified when the Policeman rang the Insurance Company so all was ok we think WRONG we rang to make sure the correct reg no was now on the policy and where told it was going to take £30.00 for the change of detail's,this year we received our renewal notice and of course have gone to a differant company,this is common among all insurance companie's and they are making vast amount's of money off the back of us unsuspecting public,so vote with your feet and change your insurer.

Sbagran Fri 09-Sep-11 22:24:32

They're b****s aren't they and I hate people like that taking advantage! It isn't so much the money but the principle and when you multiply the £25 charge by several customers it really mounts up to unjustifiable profit!
Unfortunately DH feels we have enough to do, having loads still to unpack and sort, and says it's not worth it (wimp!) so I am going to have to surreptitiously have a rummage and see if I can find the current docs while he is at work and make a few phone calls! Bet he won't be so disinterested if I can save us some dosh!
Our telephone company wanted to charge us £87.50 cancellation charge - we wanted to change provider because our new home has 'cable' installed. No way was I having that and they finally gave in! Mess with me at your peril !!!
The only way these bureaucrats will learn is by, as glammanana says - people vote with their feet and tell them why! wink