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JessM Tue 13-Sep-11 12:37:36

What a weird and wonderful way to shop. It is very well run - I am always impressed with the staff. It saves a lot of money as long as you only buy what you went in for which in my case is usually diet coke (DH is addict) meat, dried blueberries, brown pitta bread and staples like cooking oil.
The danger is that you will succumb to one of those impulse purchases like an olive tree, a full sized model of father christmas or a bouncy castle. Or clothes. They do have nice cashmere jumpers sometimes though... So who else shops in Costco, what do you find it good for, and what unlikely things have you been tempted by?

glassortwo Tue 13-Sep-11 12:53:53

I shop at Costco, find the catering pack of foil and clingfilm very good value and it is heavy duty.
Went on Saturday and got three Christmas presents for the GC.
The meat is very good especially the beef. soap powder, conditioner and dish washer tablets are worth going for but you need the space to store them.
The collection of childrens books are good value, I have had quite a few boys book sets but you have to get things when you see them.
The celebration cakes made from sponge are good value and huge,great for a birthday party.

crimson Tue 13-Sep-11 13:26:41

Jess; diet coke is NOT good.

JessM Tue 13-Sep-11 13:44:31

Not me Crimson. Him. I cant abide the stuff ever since the only time I threw up after drinking - rum and coke after getting degree results.
He doesn't drink tea or coffee. I try to restrict myself to berating him about it once or twice a year only and reminding him to drink the occasional glass of something else!!! But he doesn't smoke, drink or gamble so diet coke and electronics only vices.

Annobel Tue 13-Sep-11 14:07:12

When GD1 was little, I found it great for microwave popcorn in multi-packs.

crimson Tue 13-Sep-11 14:08:00

He does drink water, I hope? I don't want to be a scaremonger but I know someone who's become rather poorly after many years of drinking diet coke. [and nothing else].

JessM Tue 13-Sep-11 14:28:40

Thanks for your concern. If you have any scientific evidence of ill effects I would be happy to receive them!!!!

Soupy Tue 13-Sep-11 15:42:59

I catered for DH's birthday/retirement party for 150 mainly from Costco.

Was in there at the weekend and like their meat, fresh salmon, which I portion up and freeze, tinned tomatoes, tea bags, baguettes and ciabatta.

I've gone off their cakes as they are always too large so only buy them now for sharing at work etc.

jangly Tue 13-Sep-11 17:36:47

We haven't got one near us!

Sounds very exciting. sad

I drink diet coke when I'm feeling too lazy to make tea and need a caffeine boost.

jangly Tue 13-Sep-11 17:38:20

crimson, nothing else?! shock

Yep. That would be bad.

crimson Tue 13-Sep-11 18:09:38

Well; it is a concern how good coke is for cleaning toilets! I thought I read that it started off as an industrial cleaner?

JessM Tue 13-Sep-11 18:13:43

I think some days he does drink nothing else...

I drink gallons of tea but at least that has some possible health benefits...

kittylester Tue 13-Sep-11 18:16:12

When my kids were little they did the experiment of leaving a milk tooth in a glass of coke to see how long it took to rot - about a week as I recall - scary!

crimson Tue 13-Sep-11 18:23:26

Aspartamine should have been banned but somehow Donald Rumsfeld bent the rules to allow it to be used for human consumption and then received a 12 million dollar gift from the company that made it. You'd need to google it as it's all a bit complicated! I do like coke [the liquid kind] in moderation but never drink the diet version as it just tastes of chemicals to me.

JessM Wed 14-Sep-11 12:58:50

hi kittylester. I guess orange juice or bottle water would have similar effect as they are both acidic too, but dentists disapprove of all the above. Sweet fizzy drinks like coke and fanta contain 40g of sugar - 8 teaspoonfuls!
I will have a look at the rumsfeld story...

Nagyi Wed 14-Sep-11 13:34:58

Back to the original question ...

Meat is extremely good quality as is fresh salmon. For baking, the tubs of 70% chocolate drops are brilliant. 500g jars of dried woodland mushrooms (the size of an old fashioned sweet jar) for about £9 are amazing value and keep for years. DH always buys beer and wine there.

We always go with a list but also with an open mind as there are some great here today gone tomorrow bargains to be had. On our last visit I bought a wok which retails for about £60 for £24 (incl VAT), a cashmere jumper and some toys for Christmas presents.

Talking of Christmas ... they sell them at less than face value!

glammanana Wed 14-Sep-11 13:45:15

Nagyi over the year's i have built up a nice collection of Christmas decorations and bauble's at Costco thing's that are nicer than the average stuff that you see in the shop's and very reasonable,also we buy all our meat there and sausage's etc for partie's.The clothe's are excellent when you are lucky enough to be in the store when they have just had a delivery ie cashmere as you stated,best shop around here,we split boxe's of good's between us if we see anything we need so all work's well for us.

Nagyi Wed 14-Sep-11 14:18:21

"Talking of Christmas ... they sell them at less than face value!"

Oooops ... that should have read "Talking of Christmas ... books of stamps ... they sell them at less than face value!"

Yet another senior moment sad