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I'd love to see this as the Christmas no. 1 !!!

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supernana Sat 03-Dec-11 14:49:43

green and NannaAnna Sure was...had to giggle, though!

NannaAnna Sat 03-Dec-11 14:20:07

Oh dear greenmossgiel and supernana what's happening with the link??
How come something else is loading instead?
Have to laugh though - super dooper internet highway a wonderful thing - until it goes wrong grin

greenmossgiel Sat 03-Dec-11 13:41:57

Was yours the wrong one as well, super ? confused

supernana Sat 03-Dec-11 12:47:39

Cripes! Have to delete, too. blush

Annika Sat 03-Dec-11 12:21:56

greenmossgiel you made me grin
Just posted this on facebook hope I have not made the same mistake as greenmossgiel wink

jingl Sat 03-Dec-11 11:08:41

A bit overdone I think. And it went on too long. No point in getting that bitter over it all, or linking it to Christmas.

Anyway, Military Wives have got to be number one.

greenmossgiel Sat 03-Dec-11 10:36:05

Oh no! I thought I'd put that video onto my Facebook page (I've never done anything like that before, as I never do post anything on there), only to find that the video that went on was the one with the man swearing all the time about the strike! He was 'F-ing and Blinding' every second word! I'm quite embarrassed now, as my granddaughters and their friends will have seen it..! blush I've managed to delete it now. That reminds me of the time when my granddaughter (about 14 at the time) downloaded a well-acclaimed film (with Jodie Foster in it) for me years ago. My computer was an ancient one, and she told me that it could take all night to download it. The next afternoon, I made myself a cuppa, put the cat on my knee and settled down to watch the film. It was PORN!!! I was horrified! I phoned my computer-buff pal, who told me that this type of thing can happen, and that it was quite dangerous to download films if you didn't know what you were doing! However, my granddaughter and her friends (and family!) all thought it was very funny...the thought of Grandma sitting with the cat on her knee, cuppa at her side, watching porn in the afternoon...blushblush

greenmossgiel Sat 03-Dec-11 09:47:37

Just put that on my Facebook page. Aren't 'governments' crap.angrysad

Granny23 Sat 03-Dec-11 01:18:55

Passing this on to my video DJ Son-out-law. Bet he has got it already.

NannaAnna Sat 03-Dec-11 00:11:01

I am getting increasingly rebellious with the advancing years, and the current global economic catastrophe has my blood boiling!
I would so love to see this top the charts for Christmas. Far more 'real' than any X-Factor winner's song!
As the 'rap' section says: "Think of the grannies - think of the kids"
We are all affected by the mess the wbankers have made of the economy!