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Cutting costs of Christmas

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glammanana Fri 17-Feb-12 22:39:15

I thought that Annika I was convinced I was in a different time zone ?

Annika Fri 17-Feb-12 22:23:09

I have missed something, did I sleep too long it is only February isn't it wink

Charlotta Fri 17-Feb-12 15:35:10

Oh! NO! not Christmas again. please........

cohan99 Fri 17-Feb-12 15:10:35

Cut down budge for shopping and other unnecessary thing.
Try to arrange small party.
Try to make small gifts

raggygranny Tue 13-Dec-11 12:18:48

Last year the adults in the family agreed to do Secret Santa instead of everyone buying everyone else a present. This meant I only had to buy one present instead of eight! I still bought each grandchild a gift, of course. It's probably a bit late for you to organise something like this for this year boudoirbabe but maybe worth thinking about for next year?

Carol Tue 13-Dec-11 12:05:23

Hi boudoirbabe. I've managed to spread the cost better this year, and have just added up what spending I have to do this month. I've discovered I have to spend £100 on the remaining presents and another £100 for food and entertainment, and I've completed the Christmas spend. Other years, I've spent about £600 in December, so if I've spent the same amount in total, I haven't noticed the same financial burden simply by picking up an odd present here and there since summer time, especially when I've spotted a bargain. I also got some cellophane, kilner jars and ribbon, and made a few batches of cookies and fudge for some relatives and friends, and this has saved money - thanks to Kirstie's Home Made Christmas programmes! I've spent many years running around like a headless chicken in the last two weeks before Christmas, and this is the first time I've organised myself. Feels great, because I won't have debts in January.

kittylester Tue 13-Dec-11 11:11:59

Researchers at Nottingham (and I think Exeter) University have discovered that this year's Christmas Dinner is going to cost £3.70 more per family (hope I've got the figures right!!). Can't help wondering how much the flipping research cost!! Sorry, boudoirbabe, not an answer to your post but it made me a touch cross when we are in the middle of a recession!

boudoirbabe Tue 13-Dec-11 10:57:55

I was determined to cut back on Christmas spending this year, but I don't seem to be doing very well. Have other gransnetters managed to make economies? Please??!!