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money for old mobiles lol yaaa right...!!!!

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bikergran Sat 03-Mar-12 21:34:21

Im sure we have all come across the various ads etc about how we can get money form our old mobile phones....!!! hmm!! though ok I will give it a go..went on mazumba website put in my model of phone etc etc ....waited anxiously for the amount to come up!! in the few seconds that it took....I had spent my dosh 20 times over lol...would it be enough for a meal out/ new cd/dvd/ day out/ new ste of pans/couple of bottles of wine!!!
well.ermm nope!!!!!! more like a trip to the £1 shop that is what my phone is 8 mnths old reasonable modern worth a sum of...
£1 or £1-10 in argos vouchers lol lol..............

greenmossgiel Sun 04-Mar-12 09:48:32

My granddaughter told me it's where a lot of stolen mobiles might get sold on, biker! Apparently there's no point in stealing a mobile that's not 'up to the minute', because there's no money in it!! confused

yogagran Sun 04-Mar-12 11:55:03

This is one that I've used a couple of times. Prices seem fair and they have paid promptly