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Anya Sat 23-Jul-16 08:37:50

I've just reported what was obviously an advert for an organisation that provides that service. Personally I think this should be banned.

Why would anyone use such a service? Because they are not up to providing an 'essay' in the subject they are studying at a level sufficient to getting a good grade.


Yes, I know it's been going on for years, alledgely at some private and public schools (which might explain a lot!) and now there are companies extending the same 'opportunitues' to all and sundry, but I recently read in the Times that more and more nurses are taking this way out.

Very worrying to think that our nurses might not be up to the job having passed their degree on the back of another's essay writing ability.

gettingonabit Sat 23-Jul-16 08:55:03

I'm doing an Open College course at the moment and I was amazed to find this facility online.

Furthermore, there are free ones you can cut and paste quite easily if you wanted to.

The essay I looked at wasn't even particularly well-written.

Lillie Sat 23-Jul-16 10:31:19

Yes it's worrying if that's the way a student intends to pass his or her exams, but as a marker of papers, I can tell you we know straightaway if someone has used one of these services. The quality of writing is often poor (usually written by students, not academics themselves) and the content is pretty basic showing few analytical skills.
Bring on the days where pupils are tested on the day under examination conditions, none of these useless assessment tasks they submit.

abbey Sat 17-Sep-16 14:33:31

It has certainly been going on for many ,many years. When I was in college in the 1970's I was approached by a friend to "proof read" the essays of overseas students for a fee. It was substantial.

Nothing has changed. I no longer do it but I know many who do. Some get paid, some do not.

SueDonim Sat 17-Sep-16 15:07:15

Both my sons teach in universities. Their institutes use software to pick up plagiarism and other cheats such as this.

I don't know how anyone could hold their head up high, knowing they'd cheated. sad

Jane10 Sat 17-Sep-16 17:39:46

I was just going to say that about anti plagiarising software. Students beware and quite right too!angry

Ana Sat 17-Sep-16 17:48:37

I suppose a clever (but lazy) student could easily change a few words here and there so that the essay wouldn't be picked up by the plagiarism software.

It really is shocking that these services are being offered and that there is a market for them. I suppose that's what comes of so much emphasis being placed on 'having a degree' for any and every job these days - or so it seems!

abbey Sat 17-Sep-16 18:00:00

Anti plagiarism software? Dont make me laugh. The real cheats will get round that. All you catch are the amateurs.
Those with money pat for the essays to be written, not copied. Each one is an original.It just isn't the original work of the person submitting it.

You can even pay to get one written to a guaranteed 2:1 or first standard. The market is the driver, not the agency providing the service.

The only answer can be exam based closed question final exams.

University lecturers,like everyone else are under pressure to pass students. lets not pretend. Students are now customers. They pay tuition fees.

Shocking, surprising? Really?

Ana Sat 17-Sep-16 18:05:33

Oh al right then, it's not shocking at all. Just a sign of the times...

SueDonim Sat 17-Sep-16 18:37:53

Abbey, are you saying that people such as my professor sons collude in this dishonesty? I can assure you, they do not.

If anti-plagiarism software doesn't work, how come their universities pick up and act upon students who abuse the system?

abbey Sat 17-Sep-16 18:55:36

All I will say is that I have sat on university exam boards and I know the pressures.

I deal daily with students and mark their work and I know who has done the work and who has not. I cannot always prove it.

There are many things that go on. I would lose my job for being so honest above if I were not anonymous here. Try looking at TES teachers forum and see what they say - they know every trick and scam in the book and a few that are still in the making.

SueDonim Sat 17-Sep-16 18:59:29

It may or may not be detectable, and I've no doubt that there are cheats around, but if/when my sons come across it, they will call it out, I can assure you.

Ana Sat 17-Sep-16 19:05:18

Sounds like an enjoyable and responsible job, why on earth do you hate it?

Anyway, these essay-writing services obviously have a market, or they wouldn't be advertising. If money is the key as you say, I suspect it's ambitious parents without scruples who are footing the bill in most cases.

notanan Sat 17-Sep-16 20:06:47

I studied with someone who used these, his aim was a 3rd so he wasn't getting unfair advantage at least. He needed to stay in uni as it was helping his family's visa, so all he had to do was enough to scrape a pass into each year, and when he finished they sent his sister to do the same, so there was always a family member at uni.

He got caught, and some modules capped at 40% as a result… which given his circumstances he didn't really care about.

He was quite open about it and used to recommend sites to the rest of us :-S he didn't understand why we wouldn't be interested…

notanan Sat 17-Sep-16 20:10:41

as for anti-plagarism software, that only works if you're buying cheap example essays, usually the sites do a custom essay just for you, someone writes an original, so there's nothing for the software to pick up.

I would imagine it's very obvious to markers but also very hard to prove.
Especially if each commission is being written by a different person (I dunno if you can ask for the same writer each time)

Jalima Sat 17-Sep-16 22:24:59

Didn't we go to war based on a plagiarised essay?

abbey Sun 18-Sep-16 05:44:20

It may or may not be detectable, and I've no doubt that there are cheats around, but if/when my sons come across it, they will call it out, I can assure you

No comment.

(yeah, I bet they will, when a snowball survives in hell. They all say that they will call it in. No one does)

abbey Sun 18-Sep-16 05:46:46

Sounds like an enjoyable and responsible job, why on earth do you hate it?

I hate it because of the very pressures that result from what we are discussing here.

Jorsh Thu 20-Sep-18 19:23:16

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JavierPerero Thu 30-Sep-21 19:19:20

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Witzend Thu 30-Sep-21 19:31:31

Way back in the early 90s, dd was only 17 but her older boyfriend was in the final year of his degree. Dd came to me in a tizz, wanting to take all the money out of her post office savings account, because he hadn’t written his dissertation, time was running out, and he’d found someone - apparently a lecturer in a N London poly (as they were then) to do it for him.
I was 😱

Being under 18 she needed permission to withdraw the cash - I said sorry, but no way.
In the end his parents (neighbours of ours) paid, but the lecturer kept putting the price up and up, until at was at least 3 times the original quote.

I still regret not reporting that woman, but dd pleaded with me not to jeopardise his result.
I’m very glad to say that the relationship didn’t last long after that.

Nannarose Thu 30-Sep-21 21:39:17

I was astounded by this when I first heard about it. I also thought that if you got a qualification based on trickery, that at some point you would be 'found out', but it doesn't appear so!

However, I think we have also had a thread about parents who do their children's work for them. I really struggled with a friendship when I found out that my friend was writing her daughter's essays. This was someone I regarded as my 'best friend' and I felt that I didn't know her at all. She said that she thought I would have done the same for my children if I had the qualifications and understood the subject, so she didn't know me either!
We got past it, but whenever I am reminded of it, it leaves a sour taste.

However, with regard to nursing essays, having been a 'fieldwork teacher' I have also been astounded at the stuff nurses are required to put in essays that bears no relation to the work they do! I needed 'coaching' on essay writing to pass a postgraduate qualification - not because I didn't know my subject (I knew it better than the lecturer) but because I didn't know how to put it in an acceptable form for university staff to understand.

Witzend Sun 03-Oct-21 11:08:44

Again back in the 90s, a dd had a university friend who did exactly the same degree as her dad had done a few decades earlier.
She chose exactly the same dissertation subject, submitted his, virtually unchanged, and got a 2:1.
According to dd she was easily bright enough to have produced her own, but there it was, handed on a plate with parsley on top…

When working in the Middle East back in the 70s my colleagues were mostly Indian, and I was naively shocked when one of them told me she’d paid someone to write her dissertation. She laughed at my reaction and said lots of people did it.
I was naive (daft) enough at the time to think such things would never happen here.

Peasblossom Sun 03-Oct-21 12:39:11

Yes Witzend. Somebody I know has been doing her daughters on line course work all through lockdown. The daughter is set to get a first and go on to do a Masters.

The family (academics themselves) say it has to be done because she would be at a disadvantage otherwise, so many rely on agencies and parental help.

I think it’s always happened with dissertations etc but timed exams did prove some sort of check.

NotSpaghetti Sun 03-Oct-21 12:45:50

It is rife in universities.
And so is 'grade inflation'.