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easylife rewards (Rocket life) !! anyone had dealings with them, stear clear!

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bikergran Thu 14-Jan-21 17:26:59

Don't want to give too much person info but!

Last week was looking through my dads bank statements.

Noticed a debit of £99.98 taken out prior to Christmas (unknown transaction)

Rang bank explained no idea what/who it was.

Bank directed me to "easylife" rewards scheme.

Gave me a number to ring.

Rang number asked what was going on, bit long winded to explain.

But you know the catalogues that come through door/in newspaper etc with bits n bobs in that you think , ohh that looks useful .

You send off for the item, ONCE! you have done that they enter you into a free 21 day trial! if you don't read the smallprint and contact them to cancel, you are then charged each year a membership fee!
Various amounts, small at first then gradually increase.

First was £14/£69/the latest £99.00.

How my mum missed seeing these payments im not sure but bearing in mind she wasn't very well the last few years, hence the mistake.

Still waiting for a person to ring me back (thisafternoon)angry

Has anyone else been I won't say scammed, but miss informed with this company.

Once your membership is with this company they sell your details on (inertia selling)

bikergran Thu 14-Jan-21 17:34:09

Forgot to say when I spoke to "easylife" the chap did offer refund of the £99.00. but! as the card wasn't valid any longer, he asked for my dads card number (which I declined) their not getting their hands on any more money from us.

HAZBEEN Thu 14-Jan-21 17:38:03

I have PM'd you bikergran Good luck!

petra Thu 14-Jan-21 17:43:25

I've posted this before but here it is again. When you sign up for a free months trail of anything: cancel straight away. You will still get your free month but the cancellation has been logged for the end of the free period.

bikergran Thu 14-Jan-21 17:56:30

petra thanks for that, yes I know what you means, its a bit like Netflix one months free trial etc.

But this "easylife" magazine seems to worm their way round things.

I have found some info but cannot put it on here about this company(reviews and cases)
My mum would never ever in her life sign up or agree to any membership.
But obviously she had been hoodwinked by not reading the small print.
I don't intend to let it lie. thanks and thanks HAZBEEN

Chesterarthur Sat 16-Jan-21 23:29:26

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