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Has anybody any experience of applying for Power of Attorney..

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marta74 Fri 04-Nov-22 12:11:55

I have been in touch with a local Solicitor regarding taking out Power of attorney. I was quoted £1,600 for this which sounds ridiculously expensive. Can anybody suggest if they think this is over the top. Perhaps Solicitors charge different fees.

tanith Fri 04-Nov-22 12:38:23

I did mine myself it required concentration and following instructions carefully I think it cost around £80 but if I can manage it anyone can.

Calendargirl Fri 04-Nov-22 12:51:59

Did it online, much cheaper.

Takes a while, you have to be organised and methodical, but if you follow the guidance step by step, it’s not difficult.

midgey Fri 04-Nov-22 13:35:10

So long as you read the instructions and follow them properly it is perfectly easy to do it yourself, I think it’s about £100 to register now. I did both the health and finance ones for myself.
During a recent conversation with a neighbour he told me hi

midgey Fri 04-Nov-22 13:35:43

Apologies! Neighbour quoted £600.

Witzend Fri 04-Nov-22 13:39:06

We did ours - both for finance and health and welfare - ourselves. Much cheaper! You really don’t need a solicitor. However you do need to read the instructions very carefully and check that you’ve adhered to them 100% - or it will be rejected and you’ll have to start again - and pay again.

We did find it all perfectly straightforward.

M0nica Fri 04-Nov-22 13:45:50

Solicitors do charge different fees. So ask around. Also make sure that the company you go to has a solicitor qualified and specialising in dealing with Powers of Attorney and that you are seeing them.

V3ra Fri 04-Nov-22 13:49:25

Dad paid for one of them through his solicitor when they updated their wills. It cost quite a lot so we did the other one with him ourselves, online. No problems.

Kim19 Fri 04-Nov-22 13:58:15

Did mine six months ago. Two nominated sons for welfare & finance. £501.

Lathyrus Fri 04-Nov-22 13:59:58

I did my own and then got my solicitor to just check it. He did it for free.

Theexwife Fri 04-Nov-22 14:31:24

Did it online, cheap and easy.

MrsKen33 Fri 04-Nov-22 15:02:09

Not personally, but my aunt is applying for me to have Power of Attorney. Started back in March and we aren’t there yet. Cost £600

Fleur20 Fri 04-Nov-22 15:04:15

Did mine with my usual solicitor..£300.

Silvergirl Fri 04-Nov-22 15:08:17

Updating our wills and our Powers of Attorney cost us almost £2,000. I am horrified with the cost and feel we have been ripped off. Our own fault for not shopping around. Our very reasonable original solicitor had retired so we just naively went with the one who had bought his business over. Never again.

Whiff Fri 04-Nov-22 15:33:10

I updated my will and took out both lasting powers of attorney at the same time in 2020 cost me £1,100. I thought it would cost more but the solicitor got everything done quickly and was very helpful.

I would always use a solicitor for legal matters. Did you know your will can be contested up to 2 years after you die by anyone who thinks they have a claim on your estate. Glad my solicitor has made mine water tight.

kittylester Fri 04-Nov-22 15:40:31

Do it on line! And if you get stuck, contact the Office of the Public Guardian for advice.

Niobe Fri 04-Nov-22 15:41:29

We did ours online. Can’t remember how much we paid but it was a lot less than the quotes we had from several solicitors. As others have said, the directions given are very clear so follow them carefully.

marta74 Sat 05-Nov-22 08:05:49

Thank you so much for your very interesting replies. I will look at completing these documents ourselves . I am still waiting for Age concern to telephone me back. They helped my friend with hers. but like every department they are so busy. I will also get some quotes from a couple of Solicitors first out of interest. I heard Citizens Advice help as well. Thank you all once again. Smile

vegansrock Sat 05-Nov-22 09:49:42

You just have to do the forms in the correct order, correct signatures and dates etc, just follow the instructions.

Missedout Sun 06-Nov-22 00:34:38

I notice this topic comes up from time to time. The consensus is usually 'do it yourself - it's easy'.

It may be straightforward in the majority of cases but I have a close friend whose older half sister is trying to challenge the power of attorney arrangement for their father who now has Altzheimers. Power of attorney was overseen by a solicitor who attested that the father was capable of making decisions regarding POA at the time. The half sister is making the family's life a misery, sending social services and police to my friend's mother and keeps up a steady stream of vile comments to the rest of the family. The half sister is also trying to get access to her father's bank accounts but he doesn't always remember how poisonous she became to his second wife and family and that he had no intention of allowing his oldest daughter to have any say in decisions about his care should he no longer have capacity. The solicitor in this case has been able to support the family and they are getting to the stage of taking out an injunction. It has all turned very nasty and the whole family have been affected.

'Do it yourself' POA may not always be the best way, even though it is cheaper.

BlueBelle Sun 06-Nov-22 06:11:32

Me and my daughter did it online for both finance and health Cost £80
Why pay solicitors thousands for something you can do yourself it takes a few months to complete

vegansrock Sun 06-Nov-22 06:56:22

I guess we’d know if we had some poisonous relative who was likely to challenge it, but there’s no reason why a POA that you complete yourself entirely correctly, would be any less robust than one which a solicitor has filled in for you. You have to get an independent signature/ witness on the forms anyway.

Grantanow Sun 06-Nov-22 09:36:18

We did both finance and care POAs for both of us ourselves and it was straightforward so long as you read the instructions carefully. A lot cheaper than employing a solicitor. We made one minor error about a witnesses's date of birth which the office pointed out and we corrected. Overall, it took about six weeks to receive the approved documents.

Marmight Sun 06-Nov-22 10:03:14

I already had one under Scottish law but moved south so was advised to update to comply with English law. My solicitor quoted £900 plus VAT. A local retired solicitor’s clerk did everything for under £200. I’m useless doing anything on line so to me it was worth it

pensionpat Sun 06-Nov-22 10:27:49

We have both kinds of POA in place. It was very straightforward to do it ourselves. They are registered with Court of Protection. Of course we are hoping that they will not be needed. But whose decision is it. Ours? The appointees? I know the papers will need to be shown to the bank. From that point would I be able to operate my account or would I be deemed to be unable to make decisions?