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mokryna Mon 29-May-23 00:09:51

I have written my French Will with no problems. I believe it protects my children that when they receive it, it is theirs and if the worst happens is not counted in divorce proceedings or grandchildren will received it if their mother dies, it will not have to be shared with partners as an equal money pot, as is French law.
I am writing one in England but although I have explained to the solicitor the same, it doesn’t seem to follow. I will have to get back to them but I am asking if anyone has asked for the same.

Joseann Mon 29-May-23 07:59:02

I'm not qualified to give you any answers mokryna, but just to say I sympathise. It was very complicated between the two countries when we did this, (even before Brexit!), and we were not divorced either. We had 2 businesses so had to marry again under French law to juggle things. Good luck!

halfpint1 Mon 29-May-23 08:07:38

Thanks for the wake up call. You nudged me into looking up
'making a french will in France' . I just assumed my kids
would inherit but yes with divorces always possible it needs
sorting properly. I remember all too well trying to buy a property here and the owners were 8 skwabbling grandchildren/cousins, gave up on it.

Jaxjacky Mon 29-May-23 08:40:29

There is a Facebook group called Strictly Legal in France that may be able to help mokryna

Mamie Mon 29-May-23 09:57:41

We are seeing a notaire shortly to make French wills. We have English wills with everything passing to the surviving spouse and then equally between our children and then their offspring, but appreciate that French inheritance law is more complex.
We bought the house en tontine though, so that passes directly to the surviving spouse.
Will let you know how we get on.

mokryna Mon 29-May-23 19:53:37

I have no problem with the French will. My daughters will inherit and if, unfortunately, they divorce/ separate, the money they have inherited will not be divided with their partner and will be carried on through my own blood line.