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No win no fee are they worth going down this rout if decided to take further

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daisybooh Sun 03-Sep-23 13:25:28

Had a fall getting on a bus 2 weeks ago the driver hadn’t lowered the platform ended up in ambulance and hospital 14 stitches am wondering if any one has any advice about these services of would I be better reporting to the companies health and safety via their insurance

Hetty58 Sun 03-Sep-23 13:39:48

I suppose they may be able to tell you whether you have a case. They won't take on a case unless there's a good chance of winning. I didn't think the driver had to lower the platform except for wheelchairs.

ParlorGames Sun 03-Sep-23 13:45:32

The driver should have reported this incident to the bus company. He might just have already done it but your first course of action is to contact the bus company and ensure that the incident was reported, if not then you can report it. After doing so and obtaining names of managers etc, then approach a solicitor - the more facts you have, the stronger your case for compensation.

welbeck Sun 03-Sep-23 13:45:37

doubt it would be worth a claim for damages.
though i have no knowledge on this.
but you should certainly report it to the bus operator.
the driver should have done so, to complete an accident report.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 03-Sep-23 13:53:03

I very much doubt that any solicitor will view this as worth taking on. In the grand scheme of things it’s a minor injury I’m afraid. Report it to the bus company if you wish, but they won’t admit liability - all of us who drive cars know that if we admit liability for an accident our insurers won’t cover it.

BlueBelle Sun 03-Sep-23 14:02:57

They don’t lower the platform unless requested for a wheel chair in my area so I very much doubt a claim two weeks after the minor incident would be worth pursuing

daisybooh Sun 03-Sep-23 15:52:35

Thanks to all who have replied to my query it confirmed what thought will check that was reported to bus company

biglouis Fri 29-Sep-23 02:06:45

My sister won a case for £23,000 against a company who were replacing the street lighting. The workmen had left a big hole about 1 foot deep in a dark alley that she used to get from one part of the estate to another. A barrier with big jutting out feet had been placed around the hole. She tripped over the "feet" in the darkness and injured her knee, hip and back. Had to be taken to A&E. Was off work for 2 months and had complications which lasted for a considerable time afterwards.

Her son got up at first light and took time stamped photos of the location. The company admitted liability and she did not have to go to court. She used a well known firm which GSM will have heard of.

The hole was filled in within 24 hours.

Coolgran65 Fri 29-Sep-23 02:46:49

I was a litigation secretary but am now retired 15 years. As I recall - to win a litigation claim there has to have been negligence. There was up to 3 years to make a claim following the date of the incident. Medical evidence required which you have, having been taken to hospital by ambulance and needing 14 stitches which could result in a scar. Such an injury would be deserving of compensation.
The crux is - was the bus driver negligent.
A solicitor would tell you if you have a case, or not.