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Winter Fuel Payment

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annsixty Wed 22-Nov-23 09:01:10

This payment has hit my bank account today and I am very thankful.
Being over 80 and on my own it is £600 .
When my H was alive and we didn’t get the extra cost of living payment we would donate it to charity every year.
Now I am on a much reduced fixed income I do donate some of it but am very grateful to be able to keep warm and cozy.

Georgesgran Wed 22-Nov-23 09:08:29

Thanks ann. I was wondering when payments would kick off.

RosiesMaw Wed 22-Nov-23 09:10:53

I’ve been looking out for mine as I am noticing from my Smart meter display that even with the bare minimum of heating, switching the lights off etc, I seem to be clocking up about £1 more each day than in the summer.

Marydoll Wed 22-Nov-23 09:16:00

I was wondering about that. My health problems mean I feel the cold badly. We are fortunately not as badly as some on GN, but are still very wary of costs, especially after our recent decable with Scottish Gas.

annsixty Wed 22-Nov-23 09:24:25

I don’t know if it is relevant but my surname begins with B.
If you are later in the Alphabet it “ may take some time”
It will be interesting to find out.

aggie Wed 22-Nov-23 09:31:41

I have mine , my surname starts with “o”
I was FaceTiming my Daughter last week , she had her coat on ! I thought she was going out , but no , this is what she is wearing indoors, so I am sending her half of my payment, and her Siter the other half

Marydoll Wed 22-Nov-23 09:32:36

It can't be to do with initials. Age or N.I number?

Georgesgran Wed 22-Nov-23 09:33:43

That’ll be me nearly last (again)!
I’m on a new contract with Octopus, ‘just’ a few pence more per whatsit, but the added cost is phenomenal - it’s £2 an hour to heat the house and another £2 a day for electricity - over £50 in all last week and it’s not that cold - yet!

growstuff Wed 22-Nov-23 09:35:37

My surname begins with "B", but nothing yet :-(.

Rosies Maw I've noticed that my fuel bill has increased by about a £1 a day over the last couple of weeks too. I don't really know why. The electricity has hardly increased, although I'm obsessive about turning lights off and not boiling too much water. I've only had my heating on a couple of times this year, but when I do, the usage just rockets - and that's with thermostatic valves and the main thermostat set at 18 degrees.

I could certainly do with the Winter Fuel Payment.

shysal Wed 22-Nov-23 09:39:21

I am a 'W', nothing yet. My notification letter is always one of the last to arrive.

Marydoll Wed 22-Nov-23 09:39:41

DH and I have the same surname wink. but we get it weeks apart!

merlotgran Wed 22-Nov-23 09:40:32


I don’t know if it is relevant but my surname begins with B.
If you are later in the Alphabet it “ may take some time”
It will be interesting to find out.

Good point! My surname begins with R and according to last year’s statement I have another week to go.

annsixty Wed 22-Nov-23 09:41:21

Ah, no significance then.

Katek Wed 22-Nov-23 09:45:48

I'm an A and nothing so far!

yggdrasil Wed 22-Nov-23 09:54:44

I'm a B and nothing

growstuff Wed 22-Nov-23 10:07:38

I just checked last year. It was paid into my account on 30 November.

henetha Wed 22-Nov-23 10:09:53

I'm puzzled. I had a letter informing me that I would receive £600 but have only had £300 so far. Are they paying it in two stages? I am over 80.

annsixty Wed 22-Nov-23 10:26:38

I think that is either wrong or may be another payment you are entitled to.
Please check it.
I think a payment of £300 on top of the WFP is due to some.
Does the bank statement tell you what the payment is for?

henetha Wed 22-Nov-23 10:46:15

Thanks, Annsixty smile That's a good idea. I'll go into my bank statement now and see what it says. The letter clearly said I would receive £600.

henetha Wed 22-Nov-23 10:50:38

It just says it's from DWP COL. I don't know what COL stands for.
I'll wait a week or two and see what happens, and then contact them if necessary.

annsixty Wed 22-Nov-23 10:52:25

I think that means Cost Of Living.
I think your WFP is extra to that.

Ailidh Wed 22-Nov-23 10:56:04

I'm waiting with interest. I'm due £500 but they have told me I'll be getting £250. They believe I live in a care home. I don't, I live in an individual but supported flat, and I made that clear by letter when I moved in.

The complex manager has written a supporting letter, to which there was no reply.

We'll see. One of my neighbours had to get the local MP to sort it out, so that'll be my next step.

Jaxjacky Wed 22-Nov-23 11:03:40

henetha the cost of living payment is for those who qualify and separate from the winter fuel allowance.

glammanana Wed 22-Nov-23 11:06:25

My surname starts with an E and I have always had mine 1st week in December.

Charleygirl5 Wed 22-Nov-23 13:58:44

I am an H and mine arrived 2 days ago. I got in touch with another GN who is a W and zilch there. Mine arrived in a lump sum of £600. I am 80 and live on my own, also keeping a beady eye on my Octopus smart meter.