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Stamps to rise in price

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Floradora9 Fri 01-Mar-24 15:58:06

Royal Mail said the price of a first-class stamp would rise by 10p to £1.35 and second-class stamps would increase by 10p to 85p. from 01 April .

Germanshepherdsmum Fri 01-Mar-24 16:58:13

Unbelievable. Best stock up a bit, if you can afford to.

Chocolatelovinggran Fri 01-Mar-24 17:04:15

Pretty shocking prices, sadly not backed up by great service.

Georgesgran Fri 01-Mar-24 18:39:06

Thanks for the heads up - I’ll definitely stock up with enough for various birthday cards.

lixy Fri 01-Mar-24 21:19:36

Not usually too bothered by this sort of thing but I feel outraged about this.
Delivery service here is OK but my mum has a shocking service, and she relies on it far more than I do.
I shall certainly be stocking up.

Oreo Fri 01-Mar-24 22:45:30

Yeah good idea to stock up.
I wouldn’t mind the price rise too much, as only use them for sending cards, but the service is such rubbish and often cards don’t arrive for over a week even with a first class stamp.

Wheniwasyourage Sat 02-Mar-24 06:19:14

Sometimes cards seem to arrive more quickly with a 2nd class stamp! On the other hand, I had a postcard from Italy which arrived 5 months after it was posted.

Gummie Sat 02-Mar-24 06:38:59

I rarely post letters and I never send Christmas cards. I prefer to pick up the phone and send verbal greetings. RM should be getting their act together instead of constant price increases.

fancythat Sat 02-Mar-24 08:40:51


Thanks for the heads up - I’ll definitely stock up with enough for various birthday cards.

Good point.

I sometimes now spend more on stamps than the actual card.

Our family is getting used to sending cards up to a week in advance.
Gone are the days of trying to get the card to arrive on the actual morning.

Around here, the post box delivery used to be twice a day.
Since beginning of this year, it has gone to once a day only.

Grantanow Sat 02-Mar-24 08:43:26

Classic: less service, more cost. Another privatisation success.

Athrawes Sat 02-Mar-24 10:01:20

It's a sad situation - especially for those who rely on letters and cards for contact rather than email.

Calendargirl Sat 02-Mar-24 10:07:51

I always tried to stock up with stamps before a price increase. Was left with quite a number of first class ones when they changed, and had to send them off for reimbursement.

I post very few letters nowadays, so any birthday cards get a first class one, as I send nothing else really.

JamesandJon33 Sat 02-Mar-24 10:20:58

I send mostly birthday cars, but my teenage GDs love a letter. I shall buy two books of 2nd class each week this month . That should see me alright for this yeas. Although Christmas might be expensive.

Mamardoit Sat 02-Mar-24 10:43:07

I also had a stock of stamps and had to send them off to get them replaced for barcode ones. They all have the Queen's head on. I just hope they remain usable for some time.

It is an awful lot to send a letter a few miles but if it's going from Kent to the north of Scotland maybe it's still a reasonable price.

RosiesMaw Sat 02-Mar-24 11:08:53

1). People are sending fewer letters because of (amongst other things) the unreliability of the postal service and the price of stamps
2). So let’s put the price up more.

Which Homer Simpson school of business came up with this idea?
(Apologies to Homer, who is considerably brighter)