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Looking for money-saving tips? Want to know more about pensions? From grandparents' rights to the best discounts for over 60s, we have everything you need to know - and more - in our legal and money section...
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Internet banking - access problems.

7 SpringyChicken

Make your Will!

4 silverlining48

The financial fallout for newly unemployed

14 Dinahmo

Deeds for the house

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Old style £20 going out of use

10 Laughterlines

Writing à will in France but want to protect daughter in England

12 Gfplux

Part time casual work at 60

56 Monica53

Help refused

48 janeayressister

Do I need a landline?

17 M0nica

bank card scams and frauds BE AWARE

9 callgirl1

Buying a new car

20 dahlia

Mortgage at 70

4 Fennel

Argos phishing scam alert

5 bikergran

Alert - spam just received

41 GreenGran78

Car insurance renewal -raging!

46 Happygirl79

Insurance claim

6 suziewoozie

What should I pay for a mobile phone contract?

47 ElaineI

Unfair Will

119 H1954

strange email from paypal

26 Riverdance888

Premium Bonds. No wins.

66 jo1book

Moving to retirement complex,been advised to change will need advice.

26 Sparkling

Marrying again and unsure who inherits my house

87 H1954

‘ Look After My Bills’

7 Caramac

Who should you leave your estate to.

36 Thecatshatontgemat

Giving to grandchild who lives abroad

3 DaisyMac

Lasting Power of Attorney

39 craftyone

Best savings account for my grandson.

39 Hronos

Renovating Empty Home of Elderly Relative in Residential Care

3 MichaelR

Do I need to apply for probate?

5 PamelaJ1

Anyone know? Shared house/housing benefit

13 MissAdventure

66 and not paid any national ins stamps

56 Chardy

Trying to save money this year - any clever tips?

58 annsixty

How many National insurance contributions do you need?

20 Doodledog

Cashless society

79 JenniferEccles

Money for young relatives, or for me?

12 dragonfly46

Fraudulent transactions , any interesting or weird ones ?

4 Lucylastic

US holidays shopping sets record highs

2 Jane10

Following on from the ‘ last thing you bought’ thread,

23 BBbevan

Can you make money renovating 0ver-55s property?

5 notanan2

State pension rise - 6 April

3 GracesGranMK3

Do beneficiaries from a will know each other’s inheritance?

18 M0nica

State pension

8 SpringyChicken

Lasting power of attorney refunds

2 Floradora9

Christmas Bonus

4 Charleygirl5

Murder or manslaughter

82 Granless

Unexpected email from NEXT

4 Happygirl79


12 Lovelaughlive

£10 Xmas bonus

35 tanith

Consumer Rights Act 2015

5 Newquay

credit cards and loans

1 Fennel