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Looking for money-saving tips? Want to know more about pensions? From grandparents' rights to the best discounts for over 60s, we have everything you need to know - and more - in our legal and money section...
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"Ausperity" ; - live webchat with Lucy Tobin Weds 16 Jan 3-4pm

74 Movedalot

Advice re using a father's funds to purchase car.

21 vampirequeen

employment tribunal

134 seasider

Tax problems.

27 vampirequeen


30 annodomini


2 glassortwo


6 Howjado

Thank you HM Revenue and Customs.....


Bank of Dave


Mums house needs repairs


Executors claims for professional misconduct against solicitors or attorneys

7 Bryncare

Anyone had their winter fuel allowance yet?

94 Imalwayslast

Changing when my pension is paid

8 matson

Trying to get my grandchildren by christmas

20 vampirequeen

Wow a loan has been reserved for me.

26 iuwsfiuiuhsfdkj

Inheritance and divorce.

35 FlicketyB

A new phone scam?

4 Frankel

Car Insurance

16 annodomini

Live webchat with Prudential's Vince Smith-Hughes, Monday 26 November, 2pm

61 GeraldineGransnet

What a fun night....

31 kittylester

Widows occupational pension.


Change of circumstances

28 Elegran

child benefit changes

11 trishs

Horrid Henry Books a £1 yes!! a £1....

1 bikergran

Can I stop people pestering me about my father's estate.


Police and Crime Commissioners

19 absentgrana

Open adoption

4 nightowl

Pension top up

7 railman

Why do I like spending money?

26 annodomini

Moving near family

19 Marelli

financial advisors

16 seasider

What is/was your attitude to pensions?

83 FlicketyB

'Lend a Hand' mortgages to help offspring buy

12 angiebaby

Obligation to give details of my father's and my finances.

8 absentgrana

Soon to be ex-dil planning to leave with children

13 Mishap

Legal tender

10 GillieB

Benefits Black Hole!

3 petallus

family mediation


How can I be expected to pay £ 1,000 per month top up for my father.

60 FlicketyB

Removal of executor for wasting and mismanaging estate?

4 Barrow

Claiming back costs of residential care for my late Mother - before the deadline- can anyone help?

8 GradGrind

Making sure you have access to your money.

21 FlicketyB

Seed sale

2 vampirequeen

Earning extra income.

10 medic

Employment Tribunal Decision

3 seasider

helping grown up children with purchase of house

5 Granb

Great time to insulate your house at the moment

11 speck123

Bristol's new currency

11 Littlenellie

Potential Nursing Home Fees

6 goldengirl

Capacity : Practioner

14 Grannyknot