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Looking for money-saving tips? Want to know more about pensions? From grandparents' rights to the best discounts for over 60s, we have everything you need to know - and more - in our legal and money section...
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Benefits Black Hole!

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family mediation


How can I be expected to pay £ 1,000 per month top up for my father.

60 FlicketyB

Removal of executor for wasting and mismanaging estate?

4 Barrow

Claiming back costs of residential care for my late Mother - before the deadline- can anyone help?

8 GradGrind

Making sure you have access to your money.

21 FlicketyB

Seed sale

2 vampirequeen

Earning extra income.

10 medic

Employment Tribunal Decision

3 seasider

helping grown up children with purchase of house

5 Granb

Great time to insulate your house at the moment

11 speck123

Bristol's new currency

11 Littlenellie

Potential Nursing Home Fees

6 goldengirl

Capacity : Practioner

14 Grannyknot

Trying to find out what sentance some one recieved?

5 kittylester

Power of Attorney Problem

10 nightowl

Child Custody dilemma

10 Daina

Child custody

13 nightowl

Benefits for the elderly

6 gma

Deprivation of Assetts

9 gracesmum


5 AlisonMA

Making a will.

3 AlisonMA


2 vampirequeen

Becoming a Carer for the Second Time

16 nanaej

Son in law getting married.

11 Mark1520

IF you had £3000 a year to give tax free to your DC and DGC how would you share it?

19 j04

Divorce or separation

7 Greatnan

House sale and purchase

34 nanaej

E-petition to riase the tax free amount for Childcare Vouchers

2 UptownNan

Fees for temporary care.

26 Woodley

Help with managing your money - add your questions for our expert here

17 JosieGransnet

Am I entitled to carers allowance.

6 Martinbev

Gold Diggers

33 Martinbev

State Pension Deduction.

16 Annobel

Mum in Nursing Home

6 shysal

Joining my father in his home.

11 shysal

Payment Protection Insurance

8 Daisyanswerdo

harrassment via txt msg

34 whenim64

Divorced Grandparent male or female?

15 whenim64

Half way House

1 SuzieB

Money for grandparents podcast with James Daley, money editor of Which?

25 AlisonMA

Chancel tax insurance

21 JaneC

Help me not to spend

41 glammanana

Dud pound coins

7 Nonu

Live webchat - everything you need to know about making a will - Weds 18 April 1-2pm

65 glassortwo

Pensions on line.

1 Greatnan

Updating Wills

15 BroadlandWills

Residency of grandchildren

3 grannyactivist

Playing football in the street

25 Annika

Harassment Orders

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