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Looking for money-saving tips? Want to know more about pensions? From grandparents' rights to the best discounts for over 60s, we have everything you need to know - and more - in our legal and money section...
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66 and not paid any national ins stamps

56 Chardy

Trying to save money this year - any clever tips?

58 annsixty

How many National insurance contributions do you need?

20 Doodledog

Cashless society

79 JenniferEccles

Money for young relatives, or for me?

12 dragonfly46

Fraudulent transactions , any interesting or weird ones ?

4 Lucylastic

US holidays shopping sets record highs

2 Jane10

Following on from the ‘ last thing you bought’ thread,

23 BBbevan

Can you make money renovating 0ver-55s property?

5 notanan2

State pension rise - 6 April

3 GracesGranMK3

Do beneficiaries from a will know each other’s inheritance?

18 M0nica

State pension

8 SpringyChicken

Lasting power of attorney refunds

2 Floradora9

Christmas Bonus

4 Charleygirl5

Murder or manslaughter

82 Granless

Unexpected email from NEXT

4 Happygirl79


12 Lovelaughlive

£10 Xmas bonus

35 tanith

Consumer Rights Act 2015

5 Newquay

credit cards and loans

1 Fennel

Cannot get him to leave

138 Alexa

Dual citizenship

32 CoolioC

Food shopping

28 GagaJo

Lend a Hand /family boost mirtgages

5 eilyann

Are cryptocurrencies a good way of money investments?

20 Callistemon

Loyalty cards of deceased

2 wildswan16

Equity Release

36 M0nica

How much do you spend on clothes in a year?

196 newnanny

Credit Card Protection or Not?

31 Fiachna50

Scam Debt Website

2 FarNorth

Family falling out present and future

8 Tangerine

Don't think there's a financial answer to this

16 korol

Warning about Lasting Power of Attorney

17 watermeadow

Family member fraud.

15 Davidhs

Cost of making a will.

46 JeanetteUK

Personal injury - liability accepted

10 M0nica

Barclays customer no longer able to use the PO

22 Luckygirl

Wills and keaving to charity

37 GabriellaG54

Virgin accounts

1 GabriellaG54

And yet another scam

5 GabriellaG54

Waspi Women lose their fight .....

9 gillybob

Life Insurance

2 NanaandGrampy

Another scam!

14 Stansgran


4 GabriellaG54

Over 50’s Life Plan😡😡

11 Teacheranne

Can I mortgage house to help DD

55 craftyone

Have you contested a will for lack of provision as a cohabitee

18 Daisymae

What is fleet insurance?

3 Davidhs

Lasting Power of Attorney

25 grapefruitpip

Finding an objective financial advisor

11 GabriellaG54