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GinnyTonic Fri 01-Mar-13 20:36:19

I know lots of grans support charities in many different ways . Fairtrade is one overseas charity with tremendous local support. Which charities do you like to support & what are they doing locally?

Wayfinder Fri 26-Apr-13 19:58:56

I've had to cut back on contributions due to financial constraints, but I do like to use charitable/good cause opportunities for birthday presents. I 'adopted' an elephant for my daughter's birthday recently as she is elephant mad!
I have DDs in place for WaterAid and NSPCC at the moment. It used to be many more, and when my girls where young we used to 'adopt' a child in Africa (contributions went towards their education). They loved exchanging letters.
Fairtrade is a given, I feel. It's not difficult to buy the Fairtrade option on so many items now.

Sandygran Mon 06-May-13 00:37:49

I give regularly to Cancer Research, as my mum died of cancer, plus the NSPCC and a local heart charity. I also volunteer for the Childline Schools service. We are looking for more volunteers so if anyone is interested please visit the NSPCC website

Iam64 Mon 06-May-13 08:07:33

I give to Action Aid, Oxfam and the Red Cross, plus always to any cancer charity or contribute when friends are raising money for cancer treatments. I worked for the NSPCC for some time and found it good to have time to work with children and families in a more thorough and long term way than is usually possible in over stretched social work teams. However, I don't appreciate the way the organisation continues to publicise itself to give the impression is will investigate abuse allegations made to its call centres. It doesn't, it simply sends a fax containing basic information to the local social work team, and they investigate. I'm not implying the organisation isn't involved in developing some good services for people, but I do wish their advertising was more honest. Apologies in advance if I'm offending those who raise money for the nspcc - don't mean to be offensive