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Grand parents as carers, do you agree?

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YaYaJen Thu 21-Mar-13 14:03:24

...with this..."As a pediatrician, I am often asked if seniors (both grandparents and non-grandparents) are appropriate caregivers for children. I think there are a number of factors to consider (the physical and mental health of the senior as well as the age of the child, for example). However, I believe there are a number of benefits to having senior citizens as caregivers. The first being the same benefits I experienced with my grandparents — the transmission of experiences and life learning that comes with age. Additionally, I think contact with seniors can promote patience and teach children to appreciate slowing down in this fast-paced world.

Children are not the only winners in this type of relationship. There is good evidence that seniors can benefit from contact with children as well. Research in this area is limited mostly to grandparent relationships, but I feel it can be easily extrapolated to committed non-grandparent caregivers as well.

After retirement from the workforce and the departure of their own children, many seniors can become more withdrawn and feel a loss of purpose in their lives. Caring for a child can keep them active and give a sense of continuing to contribute to society."

YaYaJen Fri 17-May-13 11:59:06

This takes the debate to a different level, many of us also care for our parents & our children in any ways as well as child-minding the grandchildren.

Tracey Robbins (Joseph Rowntree Foundation) writes:

"I can try and make my daughter’s and grandchildren’s lives a little better, a little brighter, a little easier. Whatever the costs, I get great pleasure from this.

To my daughter, I am her mum, her unwavering number one supporter. To my mum, I was her ‘baby’ who lit up her weekends and was always at the end of the phone. Best of all, to my grandchildren I am their ‘happy nana’"

My days of caring for parents is over so am not giving in so many directions now and the grandson's unconditional love is a total delight, but I wonder what you all do for yourselves to ensure you do not become over-stretched?

YaYaJen Sun 09-Jun-13 11:53:26

Gransnet continue the debate...does this sound familiar to you?

"Parents may not notice the strain of running after a rowdy toddler while simutaneously making up feeds for a crying baby. Grandparents are often left feeling exhausted and drained by a day of childcare."