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reikilady Sat 23-Mar-13 22:26:46

Hi Im a complementary therapist as well as being a market researcher, busy ..??? yes.
I have a grandaughter so Im busy 24/7.
I do reiki, reflexology, Indian Head Massage, crystal relaxation and hopi ear candling. I would love to meet others interested in these therapies.

I would also like to meet other market researchers who enjoy their job.
I do enjoy my job(sometimes) but other times its the most frustrating job on the world, everyone thinks you are selling something or going to
pass their details on to a fraudster and its so hard being disbelieved. I do hate working in the cold and rain.

to cope I lose myself in new age activities, I love new age music, crafts, relaxation, and meditation, with a friend I go to new age fairs etc. I read spirit and destiny magazine which I love and I do a little candle magic to spread love and good wishes to anyone who is in need, I would also like to train as a reiki master.