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What does retirement mean to you?

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Wayfinder Sat 06-Apr-13 12:17:23

One of my daughters gave me a fridge magnet the other day (she's a generous girl wink) which says "Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living"
I haven't retired yet, but I have masses of plans for doing all sorts of things I really want to do.
What does retirement mean to you (whether you've got there yet or not).

Madrigal Sat 06-Apr-13 17:05:50

I retired two weeks ago. When I say retired, it's more 'came to the end of a contract and didn't fancy working full time any more because I could at last take an occupational pension this month'!

For me, it's a case of having more time to pursue more vigorously all the voluntary things I was already doing, such as helping to launch a new literature and arts festival, blogging and other forms of creative writing and, of course, spending more time with the grandchildren.

Being on the point of Spring/Summer also helped with the decision not to go for full time work again. I anticipate that, if I need extra money to go on a nice holiday, I'll do a bit of part-time work or temp for a few months, but otherwise I'm really happy about having this time to myself.

One of the things I did last year was to house sit in Spain and then France. I was away for four months and it was glorious.I'll definitely be doing that again!

Wayfinder Sat 06-Apr-13 21:02:13

Sounds great Madrigal smile
I think those of us entitled to retire around this time are extremely fortunate. We are largely fit and active and still feel young (ish).
I know that being able to draw my State pension will give me the safety net to earn additional income as and when I need to, and to give time to setting up ventures without worrying about them bringing in an income quickly.
Exciting times!

Beancounter Sun 07-Apr-13 03:22:52

Oh Madrigal, so envious of your house-sitting.
I can't believe I ever found time to work. The thing I value most is the flexibility. I can drop everything & go for a walk when the sun shines. I can even surf the net when insomnia strikes , knowing I can lie it to recover my sleep.

scorpio Sun 07-Apr-13 09:00:34

Yes 'working at living' is a great way to describe retirement. A lot is made of the new silver-surfers and their jet-setting life style. In fact I spent the first 8 years of retirement nursing my husband, now I am not so fit myself, BUT the more difficult life has got the more ridiculous and outrageous my sense of humour has become.

In retirement you can laugh and be as silly as you like!

Angie44 Sun 07-Apr-13 12:46:51

The word retirement fills me with panic- images of pottering in the garden and filling out my time! Keep learning, keep engaging in the world, never make excuses for not doing anything!

Wayfinder Sun 07-Apr-13 23:59:30

Angie44 I don't think retirement is like that for anyone anymore is it? Retiring from the work-force doesn't mean retiring from life smile Perhaps what we need is a new word for it, as I can see what you mean. Any thoughts on an alternative word?

Mads Wed 10-Apr-13 18:48:58

I had forced retirement , alongside colleagues got made redundant. Such a gap after several years.
Got a few interviews and my CV was good but ageism was and is clearly still around and was even admitted in one interview. So just started up on my own, doing something I have always wanted to do and quite happy. Sometimes I feel a bit miffed as it appears that as soon as one hits a certain age it appears you have lost your marbles!! We do need new words Angie44 for the following -Pensioners, Retirement and other words like Wrinklies should be banned.
Sorry guys - a bit sensitive re age.

Mads Wed 10-Apr-13 18:50:45

Oh, forgot to say I do a newsletter for my local Age UK which I do enjoy.

Wayfinder Wed 10-Apr-13 19:39:18

I think it's tough for everyone looking for a job these days Mads
After running my own business for many years I was in the position of looking for a job, at the end of 2010.
I got work quickly by taking a seasonal job, and then got offered part-time permanent. It wasn't a job I particularly wanted to do, but it was a bit of guaranteed income.
I also got taken on to work on the 2011 Census which gave me an additional experience to put on the CV.
I then spent about 15 months, whilst working at above job, applying for what felt like hundreds of more interesting jobs, and only got one interview! Finally, I got another interview and a job! It was a job I'd never done before, and I was 60 at the time smile
I think there is work out there, and the right thing will come along in time - or an opportunity to do your own thing (which is what I plan to do once I reach State pension age) - I also never think about age, and therefore as far as I am concerned it isn't an issue. It's all in the mind wink
PS Mads Which area do you write an AgeUK newsletter for?