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Life after loss

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juneh Tue 09-Apr-13 21:41:48

If you are widowed or divorced would you consider using an internet dating agency?
When you have recovered from the grief of a loss you may begin to feel as if you would like a companion or maybe even a new romance. The question is where does one go to find a new partner and how do you react to starting again?
Maybe you feel repulsed by the idea, let us know.

Beancounter Fri 26-Apr-13 13:07:47

I remember feeling quite shocked when my (younger) sister starting dating via the Internet after her divorce, but I think that's the Catholic upbringing. She has met all sorts of chaps & we have had some laughs about her experiences - the guy who invited her out for a bite to eat didn't last long after he produced his flask & sandwiches!

juneh Fri 26-Apr-13 13:19:31

After being a widow for 3 years I decided it was the only way I would meet anyone and took the chance to put myself on internet dating. Some of the men were so not for me it made me laugh then one day I saw this guy and thought he looks nice and wham bam thankyou mam here we are now married and been together for nine years. It definately works!

Wayfinder Fri 26-Apr-13 21:56:56

Tried internet dating, dining clubs, expensive dating agencies etc etc etc many many times over the past 15 years. Met many many odd (as in strange) guys shock.
My theory is that there is a particular breed of woman who have a radar that enables them to zoom in on 'eligible' guys the minute they come onto the market, so the rest of us regular women don't get a look in. (One fabulous guy I used to drool over was 'snapped up' by a high-maintenance type before I even realised he'd got divorced from wife #1) !!!
The remaining guys out there on the internet are single for very good reasons!!!
(Did go out with a fairly decent bloke a while ago, but sadly he couldn't rise to the occasion)
I'm thinking about giving this game another go sometime soon ....

GransMT Fri 26-Apr-13 22:27:33

I'm not widowed or divorced but I used to be quite shocked when I heard of people using internet dating sites. I thought it was quite dangerous but I've now though changed my mind as quite a few people I know have meet this way. My eldest daughters friend met her soon to be husband online and it seems to me that perhaps couples are very well matched this way.

juneh Sat 27-Apr-13 10:38:09

In modern society it is much harder to find a new mate when you are over a certain age, Often for the over sixties who have lost the art of ‘meeting and courting’, dating agencies are proving to be successful. One can feel agonisingly lonely. So joining an agency where slowly it dawned how many people were seeking companionship. Someone to go out with might be the main reason and whatever came next was a naturally process.

If you are interested in joining an internet dating agency here are a few recommendations. Specify what you are looking for and stick to it, age range, non-smoker, hobbies, own hair, own teeth, remember ambiguity leads to misunderstanding. If you are looking for a quiet life then don’t pick someone who is fitness fanatic, if you enjoy going out to restaurants state it. Do not be afraid to set your stall out. If you get an enquiry be polite if you don’t like the look or sound of them. Sorry not impressed by your comb over or your nose is too big will not do.
“Thank you for your email I will keep you in mind.” is nicer. If and when you take the step to meet, do so in public, tell someone you’re going, sadly there are unscrupulous people out there but that applies to everything in life.

Nowadays every age range can meet through agencies, a lot of my friends met their partners through a blind date, that's how I met my first husband.