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Anyone near here?.

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celebgran Wed 10-Apr-13 16:42:36

Hi anyone within 30 miles colchester or Frinton on sea Essex?

Pittcity Thu 11-Apr-13 17:07:50

Yes. I am in South Colchester.

footmaiden Thu 11-Apr-13 18:31:16

Hi are we really only 3 ? I'm in Frinton on sea. I'm really looking forward to seeing gransnet grow for our area.

celebgran Thu 11-Apr-13 20:51:44

Foot maiden snap Frinton on sea

Pittcity Fri 12-Apr-13 13:24:11

Does the Colchester Gransnet local page have an editor?

celebgran Fri 12-Apr-13 18:44:40

Don't think so are you up for it?

Pittcity Thu 18-Apr-13 14:17:45

I am looking into it.

Pittcity Wed 24-Apr-13 16:58:20

Anyone else on here in the Colchester area?

Pittcity Thu 25-Apr-13 16:54:12

My name is Caroline and I have just been appointed as Colchester Gransnet editor. I live not far from Colchester Town Centre.
Once I have found my feet and we have a few more forum members we can look into some local meet ups.
Perhaps footmaiden and celebgran would like to organise something in Frinton?

celebgran Thu 25-Apr-13 18:15:26

Good idea whereabouts are you foot maiden?

Well done Caroline

sunflowersuffolk Tue 30-Apr-13 22:19:20

Hi everyone I'm posting here at suggestion of pittcity, as we are trying to arrange a first Gransnet meetup in Suffolk, somewhere round Ipswich area. It would be great if some of you could come too.

The date we have got so far is Thursday 6th June for lunch. People interested so far are Reddevil3, Farmgal, Smoluski (but since seems to have left GN) , NanaGinnyB, Celebgran, Tiggy and me. Sorry if I've forgotten anyone.

We are thinking of lunch, on Ipswich outskirts (for easy parking) if anyone else in Suffolk, Norfolk or Essex etc wants to come, would be great. Some people have mentioned they may bring a friend.

It's hard to liase with everyone as I'm doing pm's, + a thread on Suffolk and now Colchester local forums. Would be great if anyone who wants to come could post on the main site, with venue choice too.

Re venue, we have people from Frinton, Sudbury, Saxmundham, felixstowe, so thought edge Ipswich fairest. Any ideas for venue?

So far have,
any other ideas would be good.

Hope to hear from some of you.

Pittcity Wed 01-May-13 08:36:57

Thanks for posting Sunflowersuffolk.
Maybe the Suffolk/Colchester communication problem could be easier if those who would like to attend from the Colchester forum could DM (direct message) you to save you having to keep an eye on several forums at once.

sunflowersuffolk Wed 01-May-13 19:26:29

Thanks pittcity, good idea. If we don't get enough people for 6th June may rethink the date and try again.

celebgran Thu 02-May-13 13:27:18

Sunflowers it may be best our new bathroom starting work on 5th June just discovered let me know what you decide please before we go way next week .

juneh Sat 11-May-13 09:47:02

Hello I am just popping across from Conwy to say hello and thought it might be nice to cross the borders to share our common interests of gransnetting.
So even though we are far apart a thought smile a raised glass of wine and maybe a scoff of a cupcake or two might cheer me up. Warm wishes June

celebgran Sat 18-May-13 11:07:56

Welcome Juneh good have you on board.
Just read profile often fancied painting watercolours!

Pittcity Sun 19-May-13 07:43:17

Sorry North Essex, meant to introduce you to my friend Juneh. She is the editor of Gransnet Conwy and loads of fun.

juneh Sun 19-May-13 09:12:56

Hello Celebran and Pittcity sorry, only just got your message and for some batty reason kept searching my own forum for it, da! I have wandered the forums these long lonely days, and nights because I am a lost gransnetter trying to improve the look of my own site. However I did sell raffle tickets at a May Fair yesterday and met up with a couple of nice would be gransnetters in my own local area of Llandudno and they seemed keen to join up. We will wait and see with bated breath. (just to warn you my spelling is not good) However I have just got some new varifocals which at the moment means I have to keep my head back to see through the bottom of the lens. Him indoors says I look like I am catching flies cos my mouth seems to be dropping open when I am concentrating. In regards my painting Celebran, since taking up gransnetting, tweeting and facebooking I seem to have lost the will to live, sorry meant paint. I did once have a website for my paintings which is floating somewhere out in space. hmm

Pittcity Wed 17-Jul-13 16:16:35

Do we have anyone new in the North Essex area since May?
It's all gone a bit quiet...maybe it's the heat lovely Summer weather!

pompa Sat 18-Oct-14 11:11:24

Only just found GN Local - I live in Tiptree - where the jam comes from !

Look forward to participating in local items

Pittcity Sat 18-Oct-14 13:24:56

Hello Pompa and welcome.

decor Sun 26-Oct-14 15:36:18

Hello there - I live in Wix/Manningtree which I guess is North Colchester. Currently look after grandson (2yrs) two days per week. Often looking for things to do and groups to go along to. There is a lovely toddler group in Dedham Tuesday morning 10am to 12noon term-time. Visited once and made to feel very welcome. Keen to go again but childcare varies weekly so not always with me Tuesday.

Pittcity Sun 26-Oct-14 17:32:57

Hello decor and welcome.

Yes Gransnet Local Colchester covers the whole CO postcode area so you are definitely included!!

There are lots of ideas for things to do on these pages as well as an opportunity to chat about local stuff or to arrange a local meetup.

I am in the same position as you with regards to childcare as I have my grandson when needed because of changing shift work hours so cannot really plan too far in advance.

It would be great if you could add the Dedham Toddler Group to our listings. It's easy to do, just follow the link and fill in the details!!