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AnnB Wed 10-Apr-13 17:57:00

Hi - to everyone, as a local editor I am going to try to populate the North Staffordshire site and make it one of the best. Let's show everyone else that the over 50s in North Staffordshire are an active interesting set of great people who know how to work hard, enjoy themselves and help others even if we have been labelled 'the Precariat' by the Today programme! (if you didn't hear it they were talking about the most disadvantaged areas of the country and kept referring to Stoke-on-Trent) Although we surround Stoke-on-Trent I think we will have to work closely with them because we want to hear about their events, and they will want to hear about ours, so let's start off good neighbours and friends.
It will be impossible to find out all the information by myself so please add things on to the site to promote something or just to let us know what you feel. Recipes, campaigns, news about offers and events are all welcome. I hope we'll all make lots of new friends and pick up lots of ideas about things to do and places to go with or without the grandchildren. I have been to a party at Rudyard Steam Railway recently which was super. (on a Sunday I'll put it on the 'Best Place to...') We also went to the Monkey Park at Trentham over Easter which was a great day out with two 2 year olds and a four year old. The Donna Louise Trust put on a Mad Hatter's Tea Party which has sparked lots of interest in Alice in Wonderland. Let us know what's happening with you by tapping 'Add a Listing'. Looking forward to hearing from you! AnnB

lucid Wed 24-Apr-13 16:22:26

Hi AnnB, have just found the local site and hope to make good use of it. What a lovely welcome from you too. smile

AnnB Wed 01-May-13 17:58:43

Thanks Lucid, good to hear from you, I think it's just you and me so far!!! However I am planning to hit Radio Stoke and The Sentinel shortly so l hope others will join us. Otherwise I am just going to start another forum about fashion. Thanks for thew posting about the Alsager Hall Farm which I am hoping to try soon! Cheers

kebi Mon 13-May-13 19:51:47

Hi, think I am No.3?? Just saw your ad in the sentinel and think its a brilliant idea. There are plenty of groups around for the over 50's but unless you actually go to where they are held you never get to hear about them. This would be a brilliant way of finding out. I, for instance, run a friendship club for the over 50's at The Berwick, Sneyd Green, fortnightly on a wednesday evening. We have a main meeting on the first wednesday of each month, having general get together, quiz, bingo and try to arrange places to go. Then we meet on the 3rd Wednesday but there are then only a few of us who just meet socially. I know there is another group who meet in Newcastle Library fortnighly on a tuesday. Also the U3A meet in Longton and have little 'satellite' groups arranging things. Hope this site gets used and it can be very helpful for anyone wanting to get out and about now the light nights are here. Just need the weather!! Thanks AnnB for starting this site.

AnnB Mon 13-May-13 22:57:16

Great to hear from you Kebi, I will put your group in the listings this week (probably Wednesday) so you can put a review on and say how you enjoy it or what I have missed out. Let me know on this forum if I get it wrong and I will alter it. Alternatively you can do it yourself under 'Add a listing' on the top right of the screen under 'Meetings' or 'Groups' so feel free. Later in the year when we have a few more people (hopefully) we'll organise a physical meeting or two, so it's possible several of us could come and meet your group sometime?

kebi Tue 14-May-13 20:56:39

Hi Ann, thats fine. Will let you know how it goes.

StokieDokie Thu 16-May-13 16:32:59

Hi Ann,
This website is a great idea, lets try to spread the word and more discussions and topics started.
There is huge need in particular for retired people to gather information on events and facilities available in their area, As i speak to people, i realize that they are unaware of things to do locally to them.
Personally 'i retired some 18 months ago and my wife 4 years ago and we have got involved with the U3A which a lot of retired folk are unaware off, It has been a godsend to us, as my wife does an art class and is producing some great stuff, she had not done anything like this previously, and i do 'Indoor Short Mat Bowling' twice a week, without the U3A retirement could have posed some problems.
Anyway, the website is superb and i hope to keep posting on the forums and contributing in other ways.

AnnB Thu 16-May-13 20:07:07

StokieDokie - thanks for the listing of the indoor bowls, I have taken the liberty of adding the logo to it (I only recently found out how drag images off the internet and save them them choose at the bottom of the listing, so I take every opportunity ..a bit like our grandchildren!!!).
Can I encourage any others to add listings of things they like to do? For example frad if you can work out the 'choose image' box at the bottom of each listing after pressing on the 'edit' you could keep changing those beautiful photos of Westport Lake, but no pressure don't do more than you want to, this is the joy of the web dipping in and out when you feel like it.
I think we should probably be adding the U3A courses that we like and the College of the Third Age ones too, to let people know what a great choice there is out there...all in good time!

AnnB Wed 06-Nov-13 23:51:31

Hey folks, I am heading for the North Staffordshire Chamber of Commerce speed networking event tomorrow 7th November, to publicise us and try and get some businesses to make us some offers in return for extra attention from our network. We're starting to get figures now and we're growing in number. A good day in the first few months was 30 visitors but now it is 300, so thanks and keep helping us build that network. It is such a great place to start things in North Staffordshire and Stoke because you seem to always be able to get help and support, and the stronger we get here the more influence we can have on local/national media and the better representation we can have on issues that affect us (as well as enjoying each others company)!! There's no way we should be underestimated as an influence on each other and the next generations!!! Keep surfing! (and it's not just silver surfers out there..I think we have quite a few young grandparents in our area as well (youngsters aged 50 - 51 - 52,) let's swap our experiences with all and share the good things about our area!!!

AnnB Thu 07-Nov-13 23:41:37

It was a good day and I am hoping we will have some offers and more services to celebrate as a result of my visit to the Chamber. So many people were really enthusiastic about us. See new listing under 'Health' and lots more to follow!!!!

AnnB Tue 24-Dec-13 21:12:51

A very Happy Christmas everyone, and a brilliant 2014!

AnnB Mon 10-Mar-14 10:54:58

It's nearly Easter, where does the time go? I am trying to contact Newsletters (Parish, Community, organisations?) to write a bit about Gransnet and get people to join us. Can you let me know of any you know and if possible some contact detail (e.g. telephone number?)? We get pens I have ordered on March 14th and remember I want to give a pen to anyone who has registered on the site. Let me know when you have done that in this discussion thread and we'll work out how to get one or two to you (has she thought this through?!!!) Hope Pancake Tuesday and International Women's Day were good for you!